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First Look: Magpul BSL & BTR AR Pistol Arm Braces

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When it comes to trends in the firearm world, some names really stand out. For many, the name “Magpul” is synonymous with the company’s excellent line of polymer-body magazines, which have proven so durable that several branches of the U.S. military have adopted PMags. Others may be familiar with Magpul’s stout line of AR-15 furniture, from pistol grips and buttstocks to fore-ends. The company is also known for replacement stocks for popular rifles like the Ruger 10/22 and Remington 700.

Magpul recently jumped into the rapidly growing field of AR-based pistol accessories, introducing two new series of arm braces, the BTR and BSL. The BTR brace utilizes the same classic lines as other options in the Magpul furniture family, while the BSL has a definitive blade-style design.

Both braces feature classic aesthetics typical to the company and are compatible with mil-spec carbine receiver extensions. They are designed with easy-to-adjust mechanisms and intended for tool-less, single-hand adjustment.

Likewise, the braces feature a rear, ambidextrous QD cup allowing sling tension to be applied when firing to improve stability. M-Lok slots allow a multitude of sling options in addition to the QD variants.

Priced at $59.95, the BTR and BSL arm braces are a durable yet simple way to improving your large-format AR pistol and add stability to the shot process. The two braces are currently only available in black.

Article by SI Staff

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