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First Look: Masterpiece Arms DS9 Open Pistol

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Masterpiece Arms, the American manufacturer of precision handguns, bolt action rifles and chassis systems is announcing the newest member of its DS Pistol Series, The DS9 Open Competition Pistol.

The DS9 Open Competition Pistol is a 2011 style pistol that was specifically created for use in the USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association) Open division with input from Team Masterpiece Arms champion shooters David Lyell and Travis Tomasie. This finely tuned “racegun” is designed to deliver top performance while safely handling 9 mm “Major” ammunition.

9 mm Major ammo refers to specialized 9 mm cartridges that are intentionally loaded above SAAMI specifications and pressures in order to propel a projectile at speeds that are faster than the typical muzzle velocities found in 9 mm cartridges.  Competitive shooters often times prefer shooting with these hot rodded rounds in matches due to the fact that this grants them a scoring advantage within the rules of USPSA scorekeeping. 9 mm Major should only be used in handguns that are designed to safely cycle these cartridges, and using 9 mm “Major” in standard firearms can be extremely dangerous.

Masterpiece Arms DS9 Open Pistol Features:

  • Custom Designed 3-Port Compensator
  • MPA Designed and Produced Optics Mount (CMore RTS2, SIG Sauer Romeo 3, & Vortex Razor pattern) and Adjustable Thumb Rest
  • Left Side Removable Slide Racker
  • Competition Tuned Trigger
  • Competition Beavertail
  • High Ride Shielded Ambidextrous Thumb Safety
  • Custom Ported Barrel
  • 17-4 Stainless Steel Aggressive Texture Grip
  • Custom Trigger Shoe Length (Short, Medium, Long)

Retail pricing for the DS9 Open Pistol starts at $4,500 and customers have the option to either pay in full or put a deposit down on their gun. Masterpiece Arms asks that customers allow at least 12 weeks for assembly and delivery of a DS9 Open Pistol. For more information on all the customization options available for the Masterpiece Arms DS9 Open Pistol or to learn more about other firearms and products available from Masterpiece Arms, please visit their website at masterpiecearms.com.


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