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2022 New Optics Guide: Riflescopes

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When you need to make the shot at longer distances, there is no substitute for a good-quality, high magnification riflescope. In addition to this, the Low Power Variable Zoom optic has been gaining favor in recent years, giving you the ability to make the shot when at close quarters and with the twist of a dial, make hits out to 200 yards and beyond. Here’s what’s new in riflescopes for 2022.

Burris | XTR Pro
Burris | XTR Pro
Featuring new illuminated-reticle designs, the Burris XTR Pro elevates your long-distance-shooting game. It utilizes a 34 mm nitrogen-filled main tube, boasts premium ED glass, improved anti-reflective lens coatings and up to 29 mils of elevation adjustment. A tool-free Zero Click-Stop elevation turret is also present.

Magnification: 5.5-30X
Objective Lens Diameter: 56 mm
Reticle: Horus TREMOR5, SCR 2 MIL, SCR 1/4 MIL
Length: 15.4 inches
Weight: 33.6 ounces
MSRP: $2,639
(888) 440-0244; burrisoptics.com

Bushnell | Elite Tactical DMR3
Bushnell | Elite Tactical DMR3
Updated to be more compact and lighter, the new DMR3 sports ED glass, zero-stop turrets, a two-position magnification throw lever for fast adjustment in the field and enhanced light transmission. A side-focus parallax adjustment and an included sunshade make this scope a great choice for long-range shooting.

Magnification: 3.5-21X
Objective Lens Diameter: 50 mm
Reticle: G4P or EQL
Length: 13.2 inches
Weight: 35.5 ounces
MSRP: $1,499.99
(800) 423-3537; bushnell.com

EOTech | Vudu 1-10x28 FFP
EOTech | Vudu 1-10×28 FFP
Three reticle options add even greater value to the LPVO market in the Vudu 1-10×28 FFP first-focal-plane riflescope. With capped windage and low-profile elevation turrets, the 1-10×28 FFP features an illuminated, etched reticle and a robust 34 mm main tube for excellent light transmission and field-of-vision at all magnification ranges.

Magnification: 1-10X
Objective Lens Diameter: 28 mm
Reticle: SR-4, SR-5, LE-5
Length: 10.63 inches
Weight: 21.3 ounces
MSRP: $1,799
(888) 368-4656; eotechinc.com

Firefield | RapidStrike 1-6x24 mm
Firefield | RapidStrike 1-6×24 mm
Don’t let the price fool you—Firefield’s RapidStrike 1-6×24 mm scope comes with a host of features. A 5-MOA dot, available in green or red, sits at the center of a circle-dot reticle. Pop-up, locking windage and elevation turrets, a removable throw lever and a cantilever mount are all included with the scope.

Magnification: 1-6X
Objective Lens Diameter: 24 mm
Reticle: 1.34-MOA dot, 9.95-MOA circle
Length: 9.8 inches
Weight: 14.5 ounces
MSRP: $206.99
(817) 790-9862; firefield.com

German Precision Optics | GPOTAC 8xi 1-8x24i FFP
German Precision Optics | GPOTAC 8xi 1-8x24i FFP
The GPOTAC 1-8x24i scope has lockable turrets with .1-mil adjustments and a first-focal-plane reticle. The reticle illumination has an auto-off functionality and the reticle has a horseshoe outline for quick engagements at close distances as well as mil markings for longer-ranged shots. The parallax is set at 100 yards, and the scope has 3.5 inches of eye relief.

Magnification: 1-8X
Objective Lens Diameter: 24 mm
Reticle: Custom mil-spec horseshoe reticle
Length: 10.7 inches
Weight: 27 ounces
MSRP: $1,999.99
(844) 692-4667; gpo-usa.com

Hawke | Vantage 30 WA
Hawke | Vantage 30 WA
This affordable riflescope boasts multiple features normally found on scopes twice its price, like a 30 mm tube, a glass-etched, illuminated reticle and a fast-focus eyepiece. The BDC reticle has etched markings from 100 to 600 yards to help take the guesswork out of shooting either .223 Rem. or .308 Win. loads.

Magnification: 4-12X
Objective Lens Diameter: 40 mm
Reticle: .223/.308 Marksman
Length: 13 inches
Weight: 19.9 ounces
MSRP: $329
(877) 429-5347; us.hawkeoptics.com

Leupold | Mark 5HD
Leupold | Mark 5HD
Leupold’s justly celebrated 5HD riflescope is now available with the uncluttered yet precise PR2 reticle. Available in 5-25×56 mm or 7-35×56 mm, the 5HD PR2 is designed to provide long-range shooters the ultimate in performance while being easy to use.

Magnification: 5-25X, 7-35X
Objective Lens Diameter: 56 mm
Reticle: FFP PR2-MIL and FFP PR2-MOA
Length: 15.7 inches
Weight: 30 ounces
MSRP: $2,099.99 for 5-25X, $2,299.99 for 7-35X
(800) 538-7653; leupold.com

Leupold | Patrol 6HD
Leupold | Patrol 6HD
Designed to defend your home or to compete as you hone your skills, the Leupold Patrol 6HD is ready for everything from CQB to longer-range shooting. It features a true 1X magnification to get you on close targets fast. Both available models have 30 mm main tubes, second-focal-plane reticles and .25-MOA adjustments.

Magnification: 1-6X
Objective Lens Diameter: 20 mm
Reticle: Illuminated FireDot Duplex or Illuminated CM-R2
Length: 10.8 inches
Weight: 16.2 ounces
MSRP: $1,399.99 to $1,499.99
(800) 538-7653; leupold.com

Liemke | Sperber-1
Liemke | Sperber-1
The new Sperber-1 from Liemke is a thermal aiming device with a 35 mm diameter objective lens and 3-12X magnification. The field of view is 13.2 meters at 100 meters. It also has a 384×288 pixel, ceramic VOx detector with 12 µm pixel pitch and a 1280×960 LCOS color display, and a frame rate of 50 Hz.

Magnification: 3-12X
Objective Lens Diameter: 35 mm
Reticle: Multiple options
Length: 15 inches
Weight: 32 ounces
MSRP: $3,999
(210) 377-2527; liemke.com

Lucid | L7 1-6X
Lucid | L7 1-6X
With a 30 mm main tube, exposed windage and elevation turrets and a throw-lever for quick magnification changes, Lucid Optics’ L7 1-6X is an excellent choice for your modern sporting rifle. Water-, shock- and fogproof, the L7 offers an illuminated aiming point and subtensions for longer-range targets.

Magnification: 1-6X
Objective Lens Diameter: 24 mm
Reticle: P7
Length: 10.75 inches
Weight: 19 ounces
MSRP: $659.99
(307) 463-2633; lucidoptics.com

Minox | LR 5-25x56 mm
Minox | LR 5-25×56 mm
The 5-25×56 LR scope from Minox has a 34 mm diameter tube with a first-focal-plane reticle. The reticle illumination has 11 different settings as well automatic deactivation for longer battery life. The scope is rated to IPX7 for water and dust and is protected against internal fogging.

Magnification: 5-25X
Objective Lens Diameter: 56 mm
Reticle: Illuminated; MR4, MR5, THLR
Length: 17 inches
Weight: 35.2 ounces
MSRP: $3,500
(210) 377-2527; minox.com

Nightforce | ATACR 1-8x24 mm F1
Nightforce | ATACR 1-8×24 mm F1
Nightforce bills the ATACR 1-8×24 mm F1 optic as the “ultimate low-power variable riflescope,” a designation that’s bolstered by a lengthy list of features. The first-focal-plane reticle includes an aiming dot as well as useful subtensions visible at higher magnification, allowing for long-distance shots with minimal hassle.

Magnification: 1-8X
Objective Lens Diameter: 24 mm
Reticle: FC-DMx
Length: 10.1 inches
Weight: 21 ounces
MSRP: $2,900
(208) 476-9814; nightforceoptics.com

Primary Arms | Compact PLx-1-8x24 mm FFP
Primary Arms | Compact PLx-1-8×24 mm FFP
Lightweight, compact and durable, the first-focal-plane reticle Compact PLx sports Japanese ED glass for superior image quality. It has a magnification throw lever, a 30 mm main tube and motion-sensing illumination for its reticle. The ACSS Raptor reticle includes aiming points for close- and longer-range engagements.

Magnification: 1-8X
Objective Lens Diameter: 24 mm
Reticle: ACSS Raptor M8 Meter
Length: 9.3 inches
Weight: 17 ounces
MSRP: $1,499.99
(713) 344-9600; primaryarms.com

Riton | 5 Tactix 1-6x24 Thunder Ranch
Riton | 5 Tactix 1-6×24 Thunder Ranch
The 5 Tactix 1-6×24 mm Thunder Ranch scope has an illuminated bullet-drop compensator (BDC) and a second-focal-plane reticle designed in conjunction with noted firearms trainer Clint Smith, the founder of Thunder Ranch. The adjustment dials are graduated in .2-mil increments and has a field of view of 111.2 feet at 100 yards.

Magnification: 1-6X
Objective Lens Diameter: 24 mm
Reticle: Illuminated THR
Length: 10.25 inches
Weight: 22.2 ounces
MSRP: $1,049
(855) 397-4866; ritonoptics.com

Selected by the U.S. Army for its squad designated-marksman, variable-power optic program, the TANGO6T is now available to the shooting public. It can be configured with a first-focal-plane reticle (seen here) or a second-focal-plane reticle, and multiple reticle options are available. Compact and durable, it promises to be a high-performing scope.

Magnification: 1-6X
Objective Lens Diameter: 24 mm
Reticle: HELLFIRE M855A1
Length: 10.8 inches
Weight: 21 ounces
MSRP: $1,588.99
(603) 610-3000; sigsauer.com

Sightmark | Presidio 3-18x50 mm LR2
Sightmark | Presidio 3-18×50 mm LR2
For those looking for an affordable scope for intermediate-range pursuits, Sightmark’s new Presidio 3-18×50 mm LR2 may be just the thing. Offering low-profile, capped turrets and an aircraft-grade aluminum, single-piece main tube, the Presidio features a first-focal-plane reticle, red aiming point and a power-throw lever.

Magnification: 3-18X
Objective Lens Diameter: 50 mm
Reticle: LR2
Length: 13 inches
Weight: 30.8 ounces
MSRP: $399.97
(817) 383-1163; sightmark.com

Sightron | S6 1-6x24 mm
Sightron | S6 1-6×24 mm
Designed for the LPVO market, the new S6 1-6×24 mm features both first- and second-focal-plane reticle options. Using MC-777 multicoating technology over Japanese glass, clarity, light transmission, color accuracy and sharpness are maximized. The low-profile, capped turrets are resettable to zero with 140 MOA (SFP)/35 mil (FFP) adjustment ranges.

Magnification: 1-6X
Objective Lens Diameter: 24 mm
Reticle: New IR4A & LRT reticles
Length: 10.5 inches
Weight: 21.5 ounces
MSRP: $1,299.99
(919) 562-3000; sightron.com

Tract | Toric 30 mm 1-8x24 MRAD IR LPVO
Tract | Toric 30 mm 1-8×24 MRAD IR LPVO
With a glass-etched reticle and Schott HT lenses, the latest offering from Tract might be the best value for those seeking superior performance in an LPVO. Its light weight and short length add little bulk to an MSR platform, while its illuminated, second-focal-plane MRAD reticle provides range-estimation marks that can also be used for bullet-drop compensation.

Magnification: 1-8X
Objective Lens Diameter: 24 mm
Reticle: MRAD, illuminated center dot
Length: 11 inches
Weight: 20.3 ounces
MSRP: $1,194
(631) 662-7354; tractoptics.com

Trijicon | VCOG 1-8x28 SCO
Trijicon | VCOG 1-8×28 SCO
Want a tough, reliable scope that gets the job done? Choose the same optic the Marines rely upon. The VCOG 1-8×28 SCO is functionally identical to the one issued to Leathernecks, except for minor, cosmetic changes. With a true 1X magnification offered, this scope is effective for everything from close-quarters battle to use at extended ranges.

Magnification: 1-8X
Objective Lens Diameter: 28 mm
Reticle: Segment circle/crosshair with wind holds
Length: 10.93 inches
Weight: 32 ounces
MSRP: $3,150
(248) 960-7700; trijicon.com

U.S. Optics | TS-8X
U.S. Optics | TS-8X
From its 30 mm main tube, 24 mm objective to its 1-8X magnification range and capped zeroing/elevation knobs, U.S. Optics TS-8X has the makings for quite a versatile short-range, variable-power optic. With a choice of three illuminated reticle options, each in the first focal plane, and with a price less than $800, this is one riflescope that deserves a second look.

Magnification: 1-8X
Objective Lens Diameter: 24 mm
Reticle: JNG MIL, RBR
Length: 10.5 inches
Weight: 17.9 ounces
MSRP: $795
(828) 874-2242; usoptics.com


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