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First Look: Maxim Defense Integrally Suppressed Ruger MKIV-SD

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If integrally suppressed firearms are fun, the new pistol from Maxim Defense is sure to be a blast. Built on the Ruger MKIV platform, the new Maxim Defense offering adds a MonoKore sound suppressor that is said to reduce the noise of Gemtech subsonic .22 LR ammo to a mere 114 dB on average at the ear.

The pistol also works with supersonic loads. Maxim measured an average of only 123 dB at the ear using CCI MiniMag rounds. These measurements suggest this pistol package is one of the quietest handguns available. Testing shows the suppressor system lacks any “first round pop” that is common in other designs.

As you might imagine, the suppressor also reduces the muzzle flash when shooting. In low light conditions, this can help preserve your vision. For anyone needing to handle pests around the barn or to keep rabbits out of your spring garden, this can be a help when shooting in the twilight.

Maxim Defense designed this suppressor to minimize gas blowback and mitigate the increase of the cyclic rate while maximizing the noise attenuation. Testing also shows an improvement in accuracy and a reduction in felt recoil. Overall, the design adds less than 5.5 inches to the length of the gun.

The suppressor is made of three sections comprised of 7075-T6 aluminum – the same grade material used for AR-15 receivers – and 4140 steel. It is designed to be disassembled and cleaned by the owner. It can be taken apart with common hand tools. The MonoKore also has scrapers that help you to clean the tube of the sound suppressor.

The Maxim Defense package also includes an option for adding an optic. Without an optic, Maxim Defense is selling this pistol for $1,595 (obviously, all NFA-related rules and regulations apply). With a Leupold DeltaPoint Pro, the package will set you back $2,195. You can get more information about this gun at maximdefense.com.


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