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First Look: Meprolight Hyper Bright Sights for Masada and Masada Slim

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Meprolight Hyper Bright three dot metallic handgun night sights are now available for both the IWI Masada and Masada Slim polymer striker fired 9mm handguns.

The IWI Masada and Masada Slim are 9mm striker fired polymer handguns, the former being a duty size handgun and the latter being a slimmer version that is intended for personal concealed carry. The Masada is designed with modularity in mind and is also fully ambidextrous out of the box. The Masada Slim was created with concealed carry practicality in mind and offers serious capacity (factory magazines up 13 rounds) for its form factor. Both of these pistols also have slides are optics ready.

Meprolight Hyper Bright metallic night sights feature bold combinations of orange, yellow, or green front sights that are set against plain black rear sights. Both the front or rear sights have tritium vials set at the very center of the sights; A shooter can then connect all three dots to aim their handgun in low light or darker conditions, with a subdued green glow from the tritium vials. The glow is bright enough for the human eye to register without being too bright to disturb vision. The rear sight also offers a generous U shaped notch, making the alignment between the eye simple and quick against the bold colored and wide front sight. Paired with a good target focus shooting technique, metallic sight combinations like these can be very fast and effective when it matters the most.

Meprolight Hyper Bright metallic handgun night sights include a 12 year warranty from Meprolight. For a comprehensive list of Meprolight Hyper Bright night sight handgun compatibility and additional information on Hyper Bright sights or other firearm aiming aids such as metallic sights or optical products offered by Meprolight, please visit their website at meprolight.com.


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