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First Look: Mission First Tactical EDC Dump Tray

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Unloading EDC gear at the end of the day or upon arrival at the office takes a toll on finely finished furniture. Those marring knives, flashlights, phones, keys and lint-covered lollipops also have a tendency to scatter to the winds if simply dropped on a nightstand or credenza. When movement needs to be fast and efficient—like needing to get out the door quickly to beat the morning rush hour commute—rounding up your EDC elements needs to be fast and efficient.

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The solution is the Mission First Tactical’s EDC Dump Tray. Handcrafted from Boltaron to prevent marring, they feature a variety of striking designs that reflect your freedom-loving firearm lifestyle and are made in America. The finish is chemically bonded for long-lasting resistance to wear, scratches and chemicals.

They measure 8.2×11.2 inches, but feature a 3.5×7-inch tray designed to keep your smartphone properly staged to reject robocalls. The other side of the tray measures 6×7 inches, where the rest of your EDC gear stays safely in the compound, organized and ready to move. Later this year, Mission First Tactical will be adding the ability to add your own design to personalize your tray. MSRP is $29.99; to purchase a tray visit missionfirsttactical.com.


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