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First Look: Mission First Tactical Pro Series Guardian Holster

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Mission First Tactical has just released a new light-bearing, outside-the-waistband holster: the Pro Series Guardian Holster. This new holster is for use with handguns with slide mounted electronic red dot sights. The new Pro Series Guardian Holster also makes use of Mission First Tactical’s ILMRS (inline magnetic retention system).

The ILMRS uses neodymium magnets in place of a mechanical locking mechanism to retain the handgun inside the holster. With the ILMRS, the Pro Series Guardian can be adjusted to have a maximum retention of eleven pounds. This holster also makes used of MFT’s IBSI (Integrated Barrel Stabilizer Insert) and is meant to keep the handgun properly aligned inside the holster regardless of whether the handgun has a tactical light or not. This means that the Pro Series Guardian is compatible with guns that use or do not use a tactical light. It also means that the MFT Pro Series Guardian holster will work with any style of weapon-mounted light, as the holster does not depend on the light body as an indexing point. The Pro Series Guardian’s body is made from thermo-molded CURV plastic and wrapped and finished in 1000 denier cordura to texture and protect it.

“We leveraged our relationships within the professional space to get the input needed to create the best Concealable Outside the Waistband (OWB) holster on the market, the Pro Series Guardian OWB Holster,” said Bobby McGee, Executive Vice President of Product Development/Innovation, Mission First Tactical. “It’s exciting to think about how this holster will be keeping the men and women tasked with protecting high value assets on the cutting edge of holster technology.”

The Mission First Tactical Holster is available with a retail price of $125 and is made in the United States of America. To learn more about this holster or other gear and accessories offered by Mission First Tactical, visit missionfirstactical.com.



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