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First Look: Mojo Hull Sacker

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Mojo Outdoors has introduced the Mojo Hull Sacker, a netted basket with hinged lid for the containment of empty shotgun hulls, when used in conjunction with the Mojo Pick Stick.

Hull Sacker in use

The Pick Stick eliminates the need to bend over to pick up empty shotgun hulls, and along with the Hull Sacker, allows one to rake the hulls off of the Pick Stick and into the basket using only the two hands—the basket serves as the container and no additional container is needed during pick up. The Hull Sacker will easily pick up a box or more of hulls before the need to clean the hulls off the stick.

When the basket is full, the hulls can be removed by simply turning it upside-down, then allowing them to dump into whatever container is being used to accumulate them. The Sacker is light and portable, with a hanging strap for easy transport in the field or hanging when not in use.

For more information, please visit mojooutdoors.comMSRP: $24.99


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