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First Look: New EDC-X9 Version from Wilson Combat

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Wilson Combat is now offering their famous EDC X9 handgun in an ultra-compact, carry-friendly format. This new offering has a 3¼-inch, hand-fitted stainless steel barrel and comes with the option of a smooth dustcover or one with an accessory rail machined into it. As these handguns are chambered exclusively in 9 mm, Wilson Combat’s gunsmiths and engineers have optimized these new pistols to work reliably with a wide variety of ammunition while maintaining the high level of reliability for which Wilson Combat is known. In addition to this, the stainless-steel Tri-top slide is finished with a durable DLC (diamond like coating) physical vapor deposition with chromium and tungsten underlayer finish providing a high level of corrosion and abrasion resistance. This new EDC X9 3.25 will also fit the majority of compact 1911 holsters presently available on the market.

The EDC X9 family of handguns includes compact and subcompact guns designed with critical features found in 1911 pistols preferred by serious shooters for higher accuracy. These handguns differ from 1911s in that their unique aluminum frames were designed to take proprietary, staggered-column magazines that Wilson Combat designed in collaboration with MecGar, the Italian magazine company. The end result is a handgun that is similar in size to a compact or subcompact 1911 but with twice the typical magazine capacity.

Wilson Combat includes these features on the EDC X9 3.25:

  • 1½-inch group at 25 yards accuracy guarantee
  • 3½- to 4½-pound single-action trigger break
  • Wilson Combat “BulletProof” parts such as thumb safeties and mag catch, etc.
  • Flush-cut, reverse-crown-fluted 3¼-inch barrel and fluted chamber
  • Wilson Combat “concealment” Battlesights with a red fiber-optic front sight (other options available)
  • Aggressive G10 wraparound stocks with pewter medallions
  • Ships with two magazines, either 18-round capacity or 15-round capacity depending on the optional mag well

Pricing for the new subcompact EDC X9 starts at $3,145. For more information on the Wilson Combat EDC X9 3.25 pistol and a full menu of features and customization options or to see other fine firearms sold by Wilson Combat, please visit their website at wilsoncombat.com.


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