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First Look: New SCR Rifles From FightLite

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FightLite Industries, a division of ARES Defense Systems, Inc. is releasing a new SCR (Sport Configurable Rifle) that is equipped with a newly-designed, feature-rich high-impact-polymer stock.

When it first hit the scene, the ARES/FightLite SCR rifle certainly made a splash due to its ingenuous approach of configuring an AR-15 pattern, direct-gas-impingement action with a traditionally styled stock. The SCR got rid of the AR’s traditional receiver extension (buffer tube) and pistol grip configuration, which makes it easier to possess than standard AR-15 style firearms in localities with more restrictive gun laws. The action of the SCR is best described as a hybrid of a traditional AR-15 with an FN FAL, as both feature a bolt carrier strut or “rat tail” that recoils into a tube and recoil spring assembly housed in the rifle’s stock. Otherwise, the front of the action still has the recognizable rotating locking bolt that is actuated by a cam pin.

The newly anticipated high impact polymer weatherproof stock features dual QD (quick detach) cups on either side, a removable rubberized butt pad and a stipple textured stock “wrist.” Additionally, the new stock also has a slightly elevated comb.

“This polymer butt stock was developed from the ground up, in house, to be the perfect complement to our SCR product line, “ said Geoffrey Herring, CEO of FightLite Industries. “We are excited to have customers, new and old, take advantage of the enhanced ergonomics and modern features it offers.”

Every part of the SCR rifle including the new polymer stock is made in the United States of America. Currently, the standard 16-inch barreled SCR equipped with the new stock retails for $1,276. For a more traditional or retro look, shooters also have the option of several different wooden stock sets for their SCR rifles. For more information please visit fightlite.com.



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