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First Look: New Weaver Grand Slam 30 mm Scope Rings

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The scope on top of your rifle is only as good as the mount that holds it securely to the gun. A scope that moves with every shot, even by tiny, imperceptible amounts, is a scope that won’t stay accurate and won’t hold zero. Good scope rings make the difference in a platform that performs consistently and flawlessly.

Solidly mounted and properly adjusted scope rights can help you avoid hours of frustration as you try to get your gun to shoot on-target without any rounds wandering off your aiming point. In addition to this, the scope rings are part of the overall look and feel of your gun, and should enhance how it looks as well as enhance how it performs.

Now Weaver, long-known for its high-performance mounting systems for more than 90 years, is expanding their lineup of popular Grand Slam scope rings to include two additional sizes. Consumers now have the option of adding a new 30 mm low matte steel ring or a 30 mm medium matte steel ring to their favorite firearm setup.

Weaver Grand Slam rings are engineered and manufactured to give the most discerning shooters the confidence they need when taking that shot of a lifetime. Each Grand Slam ring starts as a piece of solid steel bar stock and is slowly and carefully machined into a solid steel ring. Each ring features an integrated square recoil lug for superior ring-to-base contact and maximum recoil resistance. Each ring also uses no-slip Torx head screws and fits Weaver-style bases.

Every Weaver Grand Slam scope ring is proudly made in the United States. Both the Grand Slam 30 mm low steel ring and the Grand Slam 30 mm medium steel ring have an MSRP of $34.45, and for more information about these or other Weaver products, please visit weaveroptics.com.

Article by SI Staff

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