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First Look: Shadow Systems CR920P Pistol

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Shadow Systems is releasing the new 9mm CR920P, a subcompact pistol that has an integrated compensator. The built-in patent-pending compensator does not make use of a threaded barrel, which makes it compliant in jurisdictions that have threaded-barrel bans. Instead, it uses a unique self-locking, self-indexing method of attachment.

The idea behind the creation of the CR920P design was to find a way to attach a compensator to a G48-sized pistol, allowing the CR920P to fit into holster sized for that gun. Shadow Systems has eliminated the use of conventional threaded barrel with this gun. Instead, there is a proprietary 3-lug muzzle that works in combination with a centrally located locking lever in the body of the compensator. This allows a self-indexing and self-locking attachment method within a very confined use of space, thus creating a compensated subcompact pistol with 13+1 rounds capacity that fits within a G48 holster. The innovative engineering of this attachment method may also open up the possibility of using other muzzle devices, such as suppressors with this same design, creating whole new way to add accessories to your pistol.

The design of the integral compensator on the CR920P is focused on reliability. The compensator is meant to be used with standard weight factory springs and a variety of bullet weights. Test samples of the CR920P experienced many thousands of rounds without needing cleaning and displayed no loss of reliability and no carbon lock out. The compensator was still just as easy to remove after many thousands of rounds as it was with the first show. While recoil reduction is very subjective, shooters who tested the CR920P reported noticing around a 40-percent reduction in muzzle rise. This result is achieved without the use of side ports to eliminate potential risk of muzzle blast towards bystanders.

The CR920P is built on the aggressively textured CR920 frame, which packs 13+1 rounds of capacity with an extended magazines and 10+1 rounds with a flush-fit mag. There are also +1 and +0 pinky extensions available for CR920 and CR920P. The slide features directional serrations in the front, rear, and topside. Steel sights with a tritium front grace the topside of the slide, alongside the patented Shadow Systems multi-footprint optic cut. The optic cut on the CR920P allows for direct-to-slide mounting of most brands of mini-RDS optics. The CR920P has a match-grade, spiral-fluted barrel attached to a machined carbon steel compensator, both finished in black nitride.

Internals feature a stainless-steel guide rod and a drop-safe, flat-faced trigger. The trigger has a 4.5 to 5.0 pound trigger pull and a crisp, tactile reset. The CR920P comes with a zippered pistol rug with two magazines, a 10-round flush-fit and 13-round extended. For more information on the CR920P or other products from Shadow Systems, please visit shadowsystemscorp.com.



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