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First Look: Sightmark Wraith 4K Mini 2-16×32 Digital Riflescope

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Sightmark is releasing the new Wraith 4K Mini 2-16×32 Digital Riflescope. This modern-design sighting system is built on Sightmark’s commitment to provide cutting-edge technology and give their customers the ultimate day-or-night shooting experience.

The optic has a 4K (3840×2160) CMOS sensor and can detect objects up to 300 yards away in the darkest of nights and display images on a 1280×720 FLCOS screen. Although extremely light and compact, the Wraith 4K Mini features a full set of capabilities such as full-color 4K digital daytime and high-resolution digital night vision imaging, 2-16X magnification, video recording capabilities with audio and 14 reticle options.

The Wraith 4K Mini is a 24-hour digital optic that works well if you’re big-game hunting or are eliminating an invasive species from your area. The optic is solidly built, with a solid aluminum body and is operational in temperatures ranging from 32 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as being shockproof for drops up to 3 feet, IPX6 water resistant and capable of handling recoil up to .308 Win.

The Wraith 4K Mini 2-16×32 Digital Riflescope combines Sightmark’s rugged quality with the most advanced digital optic technology available to deliver the finest day/night riflescope known to the firearms industry.

Sightmark Wraith 4K Mini Features

  • 4K Digital Imaging
  • 2-16X magnification, 8X digital zoom
  • 300-yard night detection range
  • Night vision mode
  • Daytime color mode
  • Built-in video recording with audio capabilities
  • 14 reticle options with nine colors

Accessories that come with the Wraith 4K Mini Digital Riflescope are a 850nm IR illuminator, flip-up lens cover, focus throw lever, eye cup, fixed Picatinny mounting system and a user manual. MSRP for the Wraith 4K Mini Digital Riflescope is $1,103.89, and more information on this product and other items from Sightmark is available at sightmark.com.


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