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First Look: SilencerCo Harvester EVO Suppressor

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SilcencerCo has gained a reputation for some of the best-made multi-use suppressors on the market, and for 2022, the company has introduced a new addition to its lineup of adaptable suppressors that maintains an acceptable decibel reduction for several calibers: the Harvester EVO. Made specifically for hunting and sporting, the Harvester EVO can be used to suppress calibers as low as .223 Rem. and as large as .300 Win. Mag. Though, the company warns not to use any loading over the maximum specifications for commercial .300 Win. Mag. loads.

Made from Cobalt-6, inconel alloy and 17-4 stainless steel, the Harvester EVO only weighs 11.1 ozs., greatly reducing the amount of heft added to the muzzle of the host rifle when attached. Its length is only 6.24″, with a diameter of just 1.57″, the small size of which maximizes the amount of maneuverability afforded to the host rifle, compared against other larger suppressors which result in cumbersome, front-heavy rifles.

This is in part due to the design’s lack of an extra structural tube, which reduces the weight, but also reduces the amount of sustained fire that it can handle at one time. Because of its lighter construction and intended use, the Harvester EVO is only semi-automatic rated and should be used with a minimum of a 16″ barrel for 5.56 mm NATO and .308 Win., as well as a minimum barrel length of 20″ for .300 Win. Mag. chambered rifles. Its 10 baffles can reduced the decibel output of 5.56 mm NATO down to 129.6 dB, and .300 Win. Mag. down to 136.8 dB.

The base of the Harvester EVO is quick-detach and is compatible with all SilencerCo Bravo muzzle-mounting accessories, including all ASR muzzle breaks and flash hiders. Though, it comes with a SilencerCo Bravo direct-thread mount threaded for either 1/2×28″ or 5/8×24″ TPI. The suggested retail price on the new suppressor is $680. For more information on the Harvester EVO suppressor, as well as SilencerCo’s other silencers and accessories, visit silencerco.com.


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