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First Look: SK Customs Premier Presidente Limited Edition 1911

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SK Customs is launching the second edition of the Mexican War of Independence Series, the “Premier Presidente” pistol. Designed as a tribute to Mexico’s first President, Guadalupe Victoria. The pistol is a full size Government Model Colt 1911 chambered in 38 Super and has a limited-edition production run of only 200 models.

Guadalupe Victoria, born Miguel Fernández y Félix in 1812, served as a general, deputy, senator and governor, and was a George Washington-type man of great character and integrity. “Guadalupe” stems from his dedication to the Virgin of Guadalupe while “Victoria” marks his desire to succeed in Victory in the fight for Mexican independence.

Each side of the firearm includes a beautiful custom scroll. The left displays a depiction of the Virgin of Guadalupe, borders of floral patterns that frame a dramatic illustration of Victoria at the battle in Juego de Pelota and a banner declaring him “Benemérito de la Patria,” meaning “Benefactor of the Homeland.”

The right side of the firearm features Victoria’s sword being thrown across a moat that insurgent soldiers did not dare cross including the quote, “Va mi espada en prenda, voy por ella,” translated as, “There goes my sword as pledge, I’m going for it!” Guadalupe Victoria courageously swam across the moat and cut the rope of a bridge, allowing his troops into the city. The rear panel marks a symbolic coat depicted from The Constitution of 1824, which transformed Mexico into a federal republic.

The top of the slide presents a portrait of Victoria in uniform naming him “Premier Presidente de México, Guadalupe Victoria.” The area in front of the rear sight depicts the Coat of Arms of the Mexican Federal Republic by decree in 1823 Eagle, and below sits the cross from the Presidential Coat of Arms.

The custom gun’s frame, slide, barrel and hardware are all highly polished and feature silver plating in select areas of the slide and hardware components. The pistol comes complete with Pearlite grips with the silver emblem of the iconic Rampant Colt as well as a special engraved edition number.

MSRP for the Premier Presidente pistol is $3,300. To learn more about this pistol and the complete line of guns in the Mexican War of Independence Series as well as other products from SK Guns and SK Customs, please visit skguns.com.



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