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First Look: Strike Industries Stacked Angled Grip

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Strike Industries has just unveiled a new modular M-Lok compatible angled forward grip called the Stacked Angled Grip. This new grip sits at 86 degrees relative to a carbine’s handguard and its detachable extensions, allowing the user to either make the grip longer or shorter and to customize it to their specific needs. In its shortest configuration, the Stacked Angled Grip resembles a hand stop, and when it is built up with additional extensions, it works like a traditional full size forward grip.

The new Strike Industries Stacked Angled Grip also has a versatile cable management feature that allows accessory cables to be stored and passed through the grip itself via Strike Industries patented Cable Management System. Strike Industries designed this system to allow cables to pass through and be routed in parallel at up to 90 degrees, or in a gentle U shape that will prevent cable insulation from kinking up or wearing down prematurely.

The optional Extension Package includes two Stacked Angle grip bodies along with two Stacked Angle grip plates. The components of this kit are made from Strike Industries’ proprietary lightweight but high impact durable polymer blend known as Polymer Extreme. For more information on the Strike Industries Stacked Angled Grip and Stack Angled Grip extension kits, or to see other shooting accessories sold by Strike Industries, please visit their website at strikeindustries.com.

The main kit includes the following items:

  • One Strike Stacked Angled Grip with Cable Management System M-LOK base
  • One Strike Stacked Angled Grip with Cable Management System end plate
  • Two screws
  • Two nuts
  • One Torx key [T20 size]
  • One Loctite Threadlocker, Blue 243 formula
  • One warning card

Retail pricing for the Strike Industries Stacked Angled Grip starts at $25 and additional modular extensions can also be purchased (a 2 pack of these sells for $14). The components are textured with palm and finger swells in order to provide better control of the firearm.


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