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First Look: Taurus Defender 605 Revolver

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Taurus is introducing a new model of the Defender revolver that is based on the popular original model. This new version, like the original before it, is developed specifically for personal defense practitioners who want the solid performance and simplicity of a revolver.

The Defender is a five-shot revolver chambered in .357 Magnum/.38 Special and is a traditional Double Action / Single Action (DA/SA) platform. It has a clean barrel and frame profile for \comfortable carry but also a smooth draw and re-holstering with either the inside-the-waistband (IWB) or outside-the-waistband (OWB) carry.

While the original Defender was a snubnose revolver ideal for deep-concealment situations, the new Defender features a longer, 3-inch barrel that is short enough for concealed carry while still offering a reasonable sight radius for accuracy at distances beyond a few yards. The longer 3-inch barrel also delivers increased muzzle velocity when compared to 2-inch barrels for more decisive terminal performance of your  defensive ammunition. Unlike most 3-inch barrel revolvers, the Defender 605 comes with an extended ejector rod for easier manipulation and quicker reloads. As with all Taurus handguns, the Defender 605 also comes with the Taurus Limited Lifetime Warranty and excellent customer service.

The accuracy of the new 605 Defender is improved with a factory-installed tritium front night sight with an orange outline. This combination of a rear sight groove and front night sight ensures fast, clear sight acquisition across all light conditions.

The Defender comes in four different models, each featuring its own stylish and functional grip and finish combinations. A version with Altamont wood grips and a Tungsten Cerakote finish has an MSRP of $517.33, with the version with black matte Hogue rubber grips and a stainless steel frame has an MSRP of $472.63. There is also a version with VZ black/gray grips with a matte stainless steel and matte black cylinder finish that has an MSRP $540.68 of, and a model with Hogue rubber grips with matte stainless steel finish that has an MSRP of $472.63.

For more information on the new Defender 605 or to see the complete lineup  of Taurus revolvers and pistols, please visit TaurusUSA.com.


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