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First Look: Taurus Judge TORO Revolvers

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Taurus USA is now expanding its signature T.O.R.O. (Taurus Optics Ready Option) system originally found on its semi-automatic handguns and the Model 856 family of revolvers to the popular Taurus Judge product family.

“What’s better than a Judge? A Judge with a dot on it,” said Caleb Giddings, general manager of Marketing for Taurus USA. “The Judge is without a doubt our most popular revolver, and adding a red dot to it just enhances its capabilities.”

The double/single action Taurus Judge is one of Taurus USA’s most well-known catalog items. These revolvers are designed to fire either the .410-bore shotshell cartridge or the classic .45 Colt revolver cartridge that dates back to the original Colt Single Action Army revolver. The .410-bore shotshell is the smallest available shell used in sporting shotguns and shares similar dimensions to the .45 Colt cartridge.

The T.O.R.O. system on Taurus revolvers consists of a topstrap milled to accept either a Holosun-K or Shield RMS-c optics plate, both of which are the leading footprint patterns for the smallest available micro red dots found on the market today. Taurus USA is offering four different Judge models that include the T.O.R.O. system. There are two models with 3-inch chambers designed to accommodate longer-length shotshells. One is available in a stainless steel finish and the other has a matte-black-oxide finish. The other two models have cylinders that work with 2.5-inch long .410-bore shotshells and are also available with either a stainless steel finish or a matte black finish. All four models also have a five-shot capacity and fiber optic front/fixed rear sights.

Retail pricing for these new Taurus Judge TORO versions starts at $616. To learn more about these new models of the Judge or the other firearms offered by Taurus USA, please visit taurususa.com.


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