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First Look: Tetra Hearing’s AmpPod 75

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Tetra Hearing launched their AmpPod on September 1, 2019 specifically built for the turkey hunter who struggles in the turkey woods due to hearing loss. Since then, the company has taken note of further research and customer feedback in an effort to bring still more upgraded gear to their lineup. From this process has come the AmpPod 75.

AmpPod 75 now allows Tetra to customize a single turkey program for an individual’s particular level of hearing loss, in addition to the standard socialized program for turkey hunting. This level of customization for those impacted by hearing loss was not previously available with the AmpPod 60 circuitry. Further, the AmpPod 75 includes 12 bands of digital sound processing, advanced wind-noise reduction, and hunt-proof all-weather protection with Nano-coating.

For more information, please visit tetrahearing.com.


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