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First Look: Tisas 1911 D10 Pistol

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Norma Precision AB of Sweden originally introduced the 10mm Auto cartridge in the early 1980s working with Col. Jeff Cooper and other entities who were seeking a powerful “magnum grade” semi-automatic handgun cartridge. Sonny Crocket, the character in Michael Mann’s TV series Miami Vice, popularized the 10mm Auto cartridge with the American gun owning public of the 1980s as he carried a Bren Ten, a pistol based on CZ-75 internals, chambered in 10mm Auto. By the end of that decade, the .40 S&W cartridge supplanted the 10mm Auto in popularity due to the fact that many law enforcement groups deemed the 10mm too powerful for rank and duty agents to handle and reasoned that the .40 S&W was a respectable alternative.

However, over the past few years, the 10mm Auto has been increasing in popularity again especially when it comes to handgun hunting or defensive handgun carry out in the field against larger and dangerous predators. Tisas is entering the resurging 10mm Auto handgun market space with its new 1911, the Tisas D10 pistol.

Despite a retail price of just $799.95, the D10 pistol has many features found on custom or higher end 1911-style handguns, such as:

  • Undercut trigger guard and checkered front strap with 25 LPI; flat MSH with 20 LPI
  • LPA Bo-Mar rear sight and a serrated front sight
  • Ambidxtrous safety and G10 stocks
  • 5-inch hammer forged barrel
  • Forged slide with front and rear serrations; flared and lowered ejection port
  • Stainless steel frame that gives the D10 the classic “two-tone 1911” look

The D10 also ships with two eight round magazines and a locking case that includes a manual and cleaning kit.

TİSAŞ (Trabzon Silah Sanayi AŞ) is a Turkish firearms manufacturing company with a deep focus on different types of handguns. All products manufactured by Tisas are imported to the United States of America by Tisas USA, their exclusive importer. For more information about the Tisas D10 1911 10mm Auto pistol, please visit their website at tisasusa.com.



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