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First Look: TRACT Optics Hunt Series Scopes

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TRACT Optics announced a pair of new long-range scopes that are now available to shooters. These scopes are variable power scopes with a reach up to 15x. Part of the company’s Hunt Series, the scopes are perhaps better described as medium- to long-range scopes with applications for competition and other shooting where reach is essential.

“As interest grows in long-range shooting and hunting, many customers requested a scaled-down version of the TORIC 4-20X50 model mounted on typical hunting rifles,” said TRACT Optics co-founder Jon LaCorte. “Without giving up the optical and mechanical qualities of a scope traditionally found on target rifles, we designed a new scope set up, reinforcing the value we offer to our customers.”

The first scope is the TORIC UHD 30mm 2.5-15×44 FFP. As the name suggests, this scope uses an FFP (first focal plane reticle). In addition, the company offers reticles that include MRAD and MOA options. Designed with SCHOTT HT glass, the scope is rated as providing a high transmission of light with an extra-low dispersion glass. The elevation turret has a zero-stop and locks. Internal adjustments top out at 100 MOA/30 MRAD.

TRACT Optics second scope is the TORIC UHD 30mm 2.5-15×44 SFP. This optic also uses SCHOTT HT glass and extra-low dispersion lenses similar to the scope above. However, it differs in that it uses a second focal plane reticle. BDC and T-Plex options are available for this scope.

These scopes have an abundance of potential applications including recreational shooting and competition uses. For a competition like the National Rifle League Hunter Match, this scope might be a good fit for a lot of shooters.

TRACT Optics offers the first focal plane version at $1,094, while the second focal plane scope carries a suggested retail price of $1,194. Both scopes include sunshades to help reduce glare issues. For additional information on the TRACT Optics scopes, visit their website at tractoptics.com.


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