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First Look: Two-Tone Stainless Steel Hellcat and Hellcat OSP Pistols

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Springfield Armory is releasing two new pistols, the two-tone, stainless steel Hellcat and Hellcat OSP micro 9 mm pistols, developed specifically for sale by distributor Sports South.

“These new Sports South-exclusive Hellcats in stainless steel take everything that made the original Hellcat great and add an eye-catching, two-tone look,” says Phil Rawlings, vice president of Sales and LE for Springfield Armory. “These new Hellcat and Hellcat OSP pistols from Sports South make a great option for CCW and self-defense.”

The “OSP” designation stands for “Optical Sight Pistol,” which means that the two-tone OSP model has a removable cover plate that allows direct mounting of a micro red dot in the Springfield Micro footprint for the lowest possible profile. This allows for co-witnessing with the pistol’s U-Dot sight system, made up of a high-visibility tritium and luminescent front sight paired with a tactical rack U-notch rear. The U-Dot sights are offered on both the OSP and standard model.

The Hellcat took the concealed-carry world by storm when it was first introduced in 2019, and both it and the Hellcat Pro model have proven themselves to be first-class concealed-carry options. The class-leading standard capacity of the original Hellcat continues with these two-tone 3-inch barreled micro-compact pistols, Both of them feature a standard capacity of 11+1 rounds with their patented magazine, which increases to 13+1 rounds of ammo with the included extended mag. Both offerings ship with one 11-round magazine with pinky extension and optional flush-fitting floorplate as well as one 13-round extended magazine.

MSRP for the standard model of the Sports South-exclusive Stainless Hellcat is $614, and the two-tone OSP Hellcat (also a Sports South exclusive) is priced at $649. For more information on these pistols or to see other products from Springfield Armory, please visit springfield-armory.com.


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