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First Shots: Lone Wolf LTD19 Pistol

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When it comes to Glock clones, few companies are as well positioned to build a complete pistol as Lone Wolf, which has been in the aftermarket accessory business for over two decades now. Having listened to every possible request for improving the Glock 19, the company decided in 2021 to introduce its own complete pistol, the LTD19.

Chambered in 9 mm, the LTD 19 we had for review featured a silver slide and black polymer frame. For those interested, several other color schemes are available, including all black. The LTD19 features a grip angle more along the lines of the 1911, giving it a more natural point, as well as a radiused trigger guard to reduce “Glock knuckle.” An extended beavertail adds protection to your thumb webbing, while reduced mass on a cut-out slide reduces overall felt recoil.

Speaking of the slide, aggressive serrations in front and back make it easier to manipulate. A flared mag well protects your pinky from getting pinched during mag changes and helps keep it firmly on the grip when shooting. Likewise, all components are Glock-compatible, making upgrades fairly straightforward and simple.

The LTD19 weighs in at 19 ounces and features a 4-inch barrel, with 7.16 overall length. The trigger was set at 5 pounds, 4 ounces. MSRP on the LTD19 is $699.

Article by Eric Conn 

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