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First Shots: Trijicon RMR HD Red-Dot Sight

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What’s up with Trijicon’s new RMR HD? Well, it’s slightly bigger and has some improvements over the existing Type 2 RMR. What are those improvements, you ask? Well, there’s a top-loading battery. I know a lot of folks have been looking forward to this. You don’t have to take the optic off your pistol to change the battery. That’s a big deal. You can Loctite it down, torque the screws, and it’s good to go pretty much forever.

Also included in the RMR HD is what Trijicon calls the Index Ridge Alignment aid. And, basically, that’s just a line on the top of the optic in case the battery does die, which it shouldn’t—the CR2032 is expected to last for three years of continuous use on the dot-only setting, at brightness level five. Dot-only setting? Why, yes, another improvement to the RMR HD is a multiple reticle system. In addition to the 1- or 3.25-MOA dot, a 55-MOA circle can also be added, giving dot-only or circle-dot options.

Speaking of settings, the RMR HD has automatic brightness detection. You can also switch to manual, choosing from 9 brightness levels, three of which are night vision compatible. When the optic is in automatic detection, it’s important to note there’s a forward-mounted light sensor. That way, it’s picking up the brightness based on what you’re facing, rather than what’s behind you.

We had a chance to try out the RMR HD at a product launch with Scott Jedlinski from Modern Samurai Project. He had us run through a bunch of drills with it, and as part of testing we, well, beat the heck out of this optic and it took every bit of abuse we threw at it.

One last note on the RMR HD: Similar to Trijicon’s SRO, it does overhang the optics cut slightly. This means you have to be a little more careful with holster fits for optics-bearing pistols. Look for holster fits that can accommodate the SRO and you should be fine. Just check it and you’ll be fine.



Manufacturer: Trijicon; (800) 338-0563, trijicon.com

Magnification: 1X

Display Window Dimensions: 22.6 X 17.4 mm

Reticle: 1- or 3.25-MOA dot, 55-MOA circle

Adjustability: 135 MOA total travel in 1 MOA clicks

Eye Relief: Unlimited

Length: 2.15 inches

Width: 1.27 inches

Height: 1.19 inches

Weight: 1.69 ounces

Accessories: Hard case, CR2032 battery, manual

MSRP: $849

Article by JAY GRAZIO


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