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FN Announces Safety Recall for the FN 502 Tactical

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FN America has announced a second safety recall for the FN 502 Tactical .22 LR pistol. The gun was previously the subject of FN’s Jan. 27, 2022, safety bulletin.

The original concern involved a missing manual safety lock lever in a small number of FN 502 Tactical pistols that would allow the discharge of the pistol when the trigger is pulled with the manual safety engaged. While investigating the issue with Umarex, the supplier of the FN 502 Tactical, the company encountered a separate concern with proper installation of the manual safety lock lever. Consequently, if forced by multiple pulls of the trigger in succession, or if the pistol is jarred, an unintended firing may happen when the manual safety is in the safe position.

FN’s primary focus remains on the safety of its customers and, for that reason, is voluntarily issuing a recall to address this newly discovered issue involving the safety. It’s also advising all owners of the FN 502 Tactical with a serial number lower than LR010300 to suspend use of their pistol immediately and return the pistol to FN for repair or replacement in accordance with the recall instructions.

There is no cost to owners. Full details are available on a recall web page that reminds enthusiasts, “This newly-discovered issue is separate from the missing manual safety lock lever issue that was the subject of the original safety bulletin. FN needs to inspect your pistol and determine if it needs retrofit for the manual safety to function properly in the SAFE position.”

For assistance in returning any FN 502 included in the recall, contact FN Support at [email protected] or you can call (800) 635-1321, Ext. 144, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday.


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