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Fortify Your Home on the Cheap, Part 1

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We all would like the best security, but, of course, most of us aren’t as wealthy as Michael Bloomberg, who has enough cash to turn his many homes into fortresses. Rest assured, though, that in addition to getting a firearm and training, there are half a dozen strategies you can do to help protect your home and your loved ones.

1. Install video cameras: These may not be the end-all for home defense, but they can certainly help. Cameras can not only record a face to help solve a crime, they can also prevent crime. If thieves see cameras, they are more likely to pick an easier home, one that doesn’t have cameras.

I have a camera system from FLIR that allows me to see my home while I’m away. If I’m at home and I hear a noise, I can see what’s going on outside before I go to the door, but security isn’t all about the system itself. When installing the system, professional security companies think of other things.

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