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Foul-Mouthed, Gun-Confiscation-Promoting David Hogg Promotes What Is Unconstitutional In Connecticut

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I have had dear friends in Connecticut, including former gubernatorial candidate Joe Visconti and former firefighter John Cinque, who stood against the tyranny of the Communists up there who sought to confiscate their guns.  John finally left the state for a more freedom loving state in the South.  However, that has not stopped Southern Connecticut State University from offering a forum to an individual who may be American by birth but is completely un-American when it comes to the Constitution and the Second Amendment.  I’m speaking of none other than useful idiot and former Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student David Hogg.

Hogg continues to try and find that limelight due to the spotlight that he took following the alleged shooting at the high school in Parkland, Florida back in February 2018.  Keep in mind that his father is a former FBI agent and that he was clearly coached in his interviews following the shooting.  He’s also been funded by George Soros, Planned Parenthood and former New York City Nanny State Mayor Michael Bloomberg despite the fact that he claims not to have shadowy figures behind him.

On Tuesday, Southern Connecticut State University’s John Lyman Center for the Performing Arts put on a forum with Hogg to talk about violence created by people with guns and what policies he wants to see put in place in the future.  Keep in mind that policies are not law and that Congress, who is constitutionally authorized to make law limited to their enumerated powers, is constitutionally restricted from regulating or restricting arms in any way by the Second Amendment.

According to Campus Reform:

“As an institution committed to dignity, respect, compassion, kindness, and civility, Southern views Social Justice Month as an important opportunity to further our learning and understanding to challenge injustice, value diversity, and create a climate of inclusion,” the event page states.

Southern Connecticut State University spokesman Patrick Dilger told Campus Reform in a statement the university designated about $25,000 for Social Justice Month, which includes Hogg’s appearance. Dilger stated that he would get back to Campus Reform regarding how much Hogg, specifically, is being paid.

Dilger added that “the only time student fees are used for programming during this month are for activities hosted by student clubs and organizations.” Hogg’s appearance is being hosted by the college itself, rather than a student group.

Speech First founder Nicole Neily disagrees. In a statement to Campus Reform, Neily called it a “missed opportunity.”

“It’s the prerogative of the event organizers to invite any speakers they’d like. However, if a university only invites speakers from one side of an issue, this is a missed opportunity for attendees – and participants! – to hear from a broad spectrum of viewpoints on a highly contentious topic and to make up their minds for themselves,” Neily said.

“When strongly-held views are challenged by an opposing position in a well-reasoned, effective manner, people are able to both reevaluate their original positions as well as to adapt and revise their arguments to better address their opponents’ points – both of which are critical steps in the pursuit of truth,” Neily added.

The Speech First founder suggested how SCSU could balance the discussion.

“Just imagine how productive a debate between David Hogg and Kyle Kashuv could be – survivors of the same tragic shooting in Parkland who emerged as activists on opposite sides of the Second Amendment debate,” she said.

Hogg is desperate to try to stay in the spotlight after his fifteen minutes of fame at the expense of the lives of his classmates.  As for a debate with Kashuv, Hogg has demonstrated that he is utterly terrified to engage in debate on the issue with people who actually stick to the law and facts.

He has tried to do that with “March for Our Lives.”  It seemed obvious that someone was attempting to keep him out in the media by what appeared to be a staged Swatting of his house while he and his mother were away.  He has made a desperate claim to run for Congress, pushed out a book that angered Holocaust survivors and their families,

“Young people can change the world as long as they believe in themselves and never give up,” Hogg said Tuesday. When asked about his vision for 2019, he said, “I hope to be working with the new Congress in the fact that we’ve taken back over 40 seats from the NRA in this midterm, to fund gun violence research at the CDC, the NIH, the NIJ, and the National Science Foundation and just as Americans to work together to research an issue that kills over 40,000 Americans annually.”

The New Haven Register reports:

Hogg’s visit to New Haven hit close to home for Connecticut residents who remember the December 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, in which shooting in which 20-year-old Adam Lanza took firearms from an unlocked gun cabinet at home, killed his mother and then went to the nearby school in Newtown and killed 20 children and six educators before killing himself as police closed in. In 2013, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy called the tragedy a “wake up call” and called for more restrictive gun laws in the state.

“A round with 30 magazines is a deadly instrument. … We need to address the gun show loophole,” he said in an interview with CNN.

Malloy’s concerns about the so-called gun show loop hole are reflected in Hogg’s platform, as well. Federal law requires background checks for commercial gun sales, but the gun show loophole in some states waives those restrictions when guns are bought from a private party. In Connecticut, background checks are required at the point of sale, even at gun show.

Following the Sandy Hook massacre, Connecticut implemented vast changes to state gun laws. Lawmakers banned certain firearms — including the AR-15 rifle that Lanza used — as well as magazines with a capacity higher than 10 rounds. The legislation also made it necessary to have a permit to purchase ammunition.

When asked about the progress of Connecticut’s gun laws, Hogg said, “I look at these things and I hope people recognize that we shouldn’t wait for a mass shooting to change gun laws. … Today we need to take action so tomorrow someone doesn’t die.”

There is no “gun show loophole.”

Thirty round magazines are worthless without a gun that fires them.  The magazines themselves are not “a deadly instrument” unless you shove it down someone’s throat.

By the way, a large portion of the population in Connecticut rejected the state’s unlawful command to turn in their weapons or register their magazines.

What Hogg is apparently unaware of is the very things he is promoting are the very things implemented by regimes in the twentieth century that led to the deaths of hundreds of millions of peopleImplementing such stupid unlawful “laws” doesn’t help stop mass shootings, it aids them.

A Woman is Dead Because The Second Amendment Is Ignored – Again

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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