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A Good Guy with a Gun also Stops Islamic Jihadists with Knives

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Yesterday in Oklahoma, a Muslim, who attempted to convert his co-workers to Islam, murdered one woman, severing her head, and attempted to do the same thing to another victim. Thankfully, the former CEO of the business was carrying his gun and was able to shoot the Islamist while he was actively stabbing the second victim, saving her life.

Alton Nolen attacked Colleen Hufford, stabbing her several times and severing her head before he moved on to Traci Johnson, who he attacked with the same knife.

What the follower of Mohamed wasn’t expecting was an armed citizen to put an end to his rampage.

Mark Vaughn, an Oklahoma County reserve deputy and a former CEO of the business, shot him while he was in the process of stabbing Ms. Johnson.

Both Johnson and Nolen were said to be in stable condition at a local hospital.

This should be used as one of those “teachable moments” that liberals are always talking about. First, here were two women at work who had no means of defending themselves. Second, one has to be aware of the danger of Islam, but we have been over and over this issue. I’m sure we’ll address it again since the Muslim-in-chief has determined to continue to allow Muslims into the US and the states seem too politically correct to shut down the practice of Islam here.

While many would say that Vaughn was a reserve deputy and should have the right to carry his weapon (and I would agree), I ask why will those same people not also call for the rights of the citizens to keep and bear arms at all times if they so choose without restrictions?

screams of victims

The reason I bring this up is to ask that you watch how the liberals in America will not treat this in the same manner that they did the Sandy Hook shooting or the Aurora shooting (Interestingly the alleged shooter has converted to Islam while in jail awaiting his trial in December). They will not face the reality of the fact that a good guy with a gun can stop not only a bad guy with a gun, but also a jihadist with a knife. Personally, I wish Mr. Vaughn had saved the tax payers some money and just took Nolen out completely to face his judgment before a Holy God.

If you recall, liberals in America were calling for stricter gun control laws. Had Senator Dianne Feinstein had her way, one wonders just how things would have turned out for Ms. Johnson and others on Friday.

However, you won’t hear them talking about the need for a stop of immigration of Islamists as a result of what took place will you? You won’t hear cries from the state of Oklahoma to shut down all mosques, declare Islam outlawed in the state and remove any and all restrictions both at the state and federal levels regarding arms? That would be too extreme, wouldn’t it?

But that’s exactly what should happen. Because no children were harmed in the process of Nolen’s jihad, we aren’t going to hear about the serious threat we face in the US from Islamists. However, the attacks and restrictions against guns are going to continue to be pushed, even though a gun was the very thing that stopped more murders.

You can also be assured that men like Barack Obama will make sure, just as he did in his speech the other week, to engage in taqiyyah on behalf of Islam in order to let people know that Islam doesn’t teach such things and that no God or religion would require such things (wink, wink). But like all things, when Barack Obama opens his mouth, he is engaging in lying. However, lying about Islam is simply deadly, and he knows it.

I assume that most people who visit our site are those who value their God-given rights to defend themselves, their families and their neighbors with guns. However, I also realize there are many who think that even tighter restrictions should be made on obtaining and carrying guns. My question to them is, why are you not calling for tighter restraints, even bans, on the practice of Islam? If you claim that it’s a First Amendment issue, then you really need to read this article, because it isn’t. If you are a Christian and say it’s ok for Islamists to worship Allah after the teachings of Mohamed, then I ask you, does the First Commandment not apply here? Why is there such an opposition to expelling a totalitarian death cult in our society and yet embracing illegal laws that seek to make us more vulnerable against such savages?

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord… and carry our guns at all times.


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