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Missouri Overturns Governor’s Veto – Puts Armed Teachers in Schools

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Following the people of Missouri’s vote on Amendment 5, the legislature voted to override Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of changes to the law which would allow school employees to carry their firearms on campus and designate them as “school protection officers.”

According to Fox News St. Louis:

Specially trained public school employees will now be able to carry concealed weapons inside schools.

The department of public safety will create the training guidelines.

Schools will have the final say on whether firearms actually end up in the classroom. The law just makes it an option.

This makes Missouri the 10th state to allow armed school employees since the sandy hook massacre. The change start in about a month.

It’s about time people started understanding this issue rightly. Of course, as many of you know, I think the ultimate problem here is state sponsored education and I highly recommend you take your children out of the government. However, I stand behind my opinion (expressed here and here) that the way to deal with this was not how the NRA wanted to deal with it in growing government and putting more policemen in schools. The answer was allowing the people to continue to carry their own weapons responsibly to defend themselves and the kids there. Though, again, it would be best if mom and dad were doing that at home along with educating their children.

State Senator Will Kraus (R-MO) said, “I think it’s important that we train those individuals if they are going to be carrying.”

Of course, who would think of saying it was ok to be carrying a gun without being trained? That’s like taking a car out on the road without training. You just don’t do it.

Missouri becomes the tenth state to pass legislation that allows teachers to be armed and the changes will take effect in October.

The Associated Press adds, “Missouri school boards already have the power to allow employees with concealed gun permits to carry weapons on their campuses. The new law requires the state Department of Public Safety to establish training guidelines for schools wanting to designate a teacher or administrator as a ‘school protection officer’ authorized to carry a concealed gun or self-defense spray.”

The legislation “allows a school district to designate one or more school teachers or administrators as a school protection officer.” That officer may carry a concealed gun or self-defense spray device.

These officers are also given powers detain and arrest in defense of persons or property. If they detain someone, they must immediately notify school administrators and school resource officers if they are in use. Otherwise, if the person detained is a student, the parents of that student must be notified immediately.

So what does a teacher that is interested in becoming a school protection officer have to do to be considered?

  1. Submit a request in writing to the superintendent of the school district
  2. Show proof of ownership of a valid concealed carry endorsement or permit (if carrying a gun)
  3. Provide a certificate of completion of a school protection officer training program

One must also submit to a criminal background check, which they have already done if they have obtained a concealed carry permit, if they are to attend the training program.

A list of school protection officers will be made available to all law enforcement agencies.

At least this route should be less expensive than posting policemen in every school, but as I said before, mom and dad can provide a better education at home more efficiently than government and defend their little ones without all the hoops that government puts in the way. Why won’t those that love freedom and love their children go that route?



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