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Grassroots Ramp Up Continues in the Old Dominion

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Virginia’s General Assembly officially kicked off on January 8th, and the newly-controlled anti-gun legislative body is wasting no time in pushing its crusade against our gun rights.  Facing a barrage of bills anathema to our Second Amendment rights, NRA’s Grassroots team has been ramping up its activities in opposition to Governor Northam’s latest gun grab.  Here is a brief summary of our efforts to date.  More information can be found by visiting:  www.vagunban.org and by texting “NRAVA” to 25017.

NRA-ILA Legislative Town Halls Crush Attendance!

On Jan. 3-4, NRA-ILA held three legislative town halls in three key regions of the state—in Roanoke, Belle Haven, and Lexington.  Attendance at these town halls was more than double what was anticipated via those who pre-registered, with more than 700 pro-freedom patriots attending!

At the town halls, ILA staff gave substantive briefs on the pending legislation in Richmond, along with the corresponding actions that need to be taken in order to defeat these Bloomberg-backed assaults on our rights.

The passion and commitment by attendees was palpable to say the least.

Spreading the Message!

NRA-ILA Grassroots also had representatives attend the Richmond Gun Show Jan. 4-5, to further educate Virginia gun owners on what’s at stake this legislative session and how they can effectively communicate their views to their elected officials.  And, on Jan. 6, ILA’s Public Affairs staff held a roundtable discussion with reporters to provide them with the FACTS surrounding these bills and to discuss our legislative priorities and strategies for the 2020 General Assembly Session.

The Fight in Richmond

The anti-gun bills in Richmond will move at lightning speed, so the most important thing our members and supporters need to do is schedule personal meetings with their state senators and state delegates in Richmond, beginning on Jan. 13, and continuing through Jan. 17.  To assist in the facilitation of these meetings, NRA-ILA will be on-the-ground in Richmond those days to help steer you to relevant committee hearings and legislator’s offices.  We must defend freedom at the very first hearing on the 13th and show the new bought and paid for anti-gun majority that our rights are not for sale – to Bloomberg or anyone else. Join us on Jan. 13, 2020, starting at 8:00 A.M., at the General Assembly Building, 900 E Main St., Richmond, VA 23219.  NRA staff will be on site with giveaways, including some from our friends at Magpul!

Stay Informed—Stay Engaged!

The greatest asset we have in the fight to protect our rights in Virginia is YOU!  It is critical that you not only stay up-to-date on fast moving legislation in Virginia, but that you inform your family, friends, and fellow firearm owners, and ensure they take action as well.

In addition to visiting www.vagunban.org and texting “NRAVA” to 25017 to stay abreast of the latest updates and developments, NRA has digital billboards highlighting the threats to our rights on I-95 heading into Richmond and on I-64 in high-traffic areas heading to the Capitol.

Finally, NRA has sent, and will continue to send, emails, texts, and postcards to our members and supporters to inform them of Northam’s Gun Confiscation scheme and encourage them to continue to contact their lawmakers.

Article by NRA-ILA

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