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Why Gun-Banners Continue To Spin Lies

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Professional gun control proponents like Mark Kelly, Michael Bloomberg, Shannon Watts and Dennis Henigan all have something in common—they lie for a living. Being a military brat who was always taught that the only thing in life that you can truly control is your integrity, this has always been something difficult for me to wrap my arms around. I’ve dealt with their lies my entire adult life and I still haven’t found a way to come to terms with it.

I’ve dealt with their lies my entire adult life and I still haven’t found a way to come to terms with it.Here are just a few of my favorite examples from recent times:

— “High power assault weapons” are weapons of war and serve only one purpose—to kill as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time.

— Because of America’s guns, it is the most violent country in the industrialized world.

— You are more at risk for becoming a victim of violence as a law-abiding citizen if you keep firearms at home.

— If just one more gun control law, like “universal” background checks, was passed, violent crime would be reduced.

— The Supreme Court’s Heller decision reversed the age-old understanding that the word “people,” as used in the Second Amendment, didn’t really mean the “people.”

— Hillary Clinton sought only modest gun law reforms as a presidential candidate.

— We support the Second Amendment … but want this one modest reform to be enacted to save lives.

— Gun owners are more likely to commit suicide because of the guns they own.

— States with the most relaxed gun laws experience the most violence.

— Firearm ownership poses an unacceptable risk to the nation’s children.

— Guns are virtually never used successfully for self-defense.

— Citizens are incapable of using firearms proficiently for self-defense. This is the sole domain of those extraordinary humans who pursue careers in law enforcement.

— Concealed-carry laws increase gun violence.

— More guns in private hands will always result in more violent crime.

I suppose all the lying makes sense, considering what they are attempting to achieve. They are trying to convince Americans to willingly forfeit what our brave forefathers saw as an essential personal liberty—a freedom that sets us apart from most any other citizenry in the world. They have to persuade Americans to voluntarily make ourselves totally vulnerable to the whims of the evil among us. Principles of self-sufficiently must be surrendered to reliance on hope that help from the government will arrive in time to save the day.

In short, for them to secure their agenda, they have to ask people to do some really silly, unnatural things of serious consequence. Telling the truth isn’t going to cut it. They can’t be responsible for anything—including something as fundamental as their own personal safety—so how can they be responsible for the things they say? Like the members of any cult, they have a blind faith in a promise, despite the fact that there is no science that backs it. For their gun control cult, it’s the false promise that gun control saves lives. This end will always justify their twisted means.

The fact that they have unlimited financial resources and sympathetic media that never hold them accountable for their fiction keeps them rolling forward without interruption. The media, in particular, are their enablers. There was a day when the press was meant to hold all who step into the public realm to account, but those days are unfortunately long gone. Now media go even further by disseminating the gun control cult’s junk science and propaganda without as much as a questioning glance.

They are trying to convince Americans to willingly forfeit what our brave forefathers saw as an essential personal liberty—a freedom that sets us apart from most any other citizenry in the world.The weight of all the lies and lack of integrity struck me once again this past weekend as I prepared for the coming hunting season. Every year, I take my military friends’ kids hunting, and I decided to get their equipment ready early for a change. I got the suppressed, short barrel AR-15 from the safe to ensure it was zeroed with the hunting ammunition we use. It is the “scary-looking” rifle that that the gun control cult envisions every time it tells the first lie in my list above.

This is the rifle I use with kids because its adjustable stock and pistol grip allow them to manipulate it effectively and safely. Its low-powered .223 round (it’s actually illegal to use for deer hunting in many overly-regulated states because it’s considered too weak to get the job done) combined with the semi-auto action, emits little to no recoil, keeping the youngsters from developing a dreaded “flinch.” The suppressor, which adds some weight and mitigates the otherwise loud “boom,” furthers this same cause. Through the years, the package has proven to be 100 percent effective for the kids in their effort to humanely secure wholesome food for their families.

Consider all of this, and the fact that I have personally fired hundreds of thousands of rounds through it and similar “high power assault weapons.” Now consider the fact that I’ve killed precisely no one—ever. Other good Americans fire hundreds of millions of rounds through these same rifles every year, harming nothing but the egos of those opposed to having fun. But the cult will continue to spew its “one purpose” lie, along with all its other fabrications. They simply don’t care about the truth, because the end will always justify their evil means.

Those of us fighting on the side of protecting freedom handicap ourselves by being compelled to tell the truth, but our integrity, thankfully, provides no options. As an old, sage friend once told me, there is an easy way of doing things and a hard way of doing things—the right way is almost always the hard way. I’m OK with that. We nearly always prevail, so there is no reason to change.

The gun control cult can continue to founder under the weight of its own lies.

Article first appeared at Americas 1st Freedom.

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