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Gun Control on Mother’s Day in Chicago: 49 Shot, 8 Dead in 48 Hours

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If you really want the reality of what the infringement upon the rights of the people are in direct violation to the protections outlined in the Second Amendment, you need look no further than the town where liberal Democrats like Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah came from, Chicago. Over the Mother’s Day weekend, in a period of just 48 hours, there were forty-nine people shot and eight killed.

The local NBC affiliate reported:

Eight people were killed and 41 others wounded in shootings across Chicago during a period of just over 48 hours this weekend. As advocacy groups gathered to call for peace on Mother’s Day weekend, those pleas went unanswered as violence once again plagued communities across the city.

At least 24 of the weekend’s shootings happened in an eight hour period from Friday night to Saturday morning.

The most recent fatal shooting occurred at 3:21 p.m. Sunday, when an unknown male was found on the street in the 3400 block of W Arthington in the Homan Square neighborhood, according to police. He had multiple gunshot wounds, police said, and was taken to Stroger Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police said he was between the ages of 16 and 25, and they did not know his identity as of early Sunday evening.

The Chicago Sun Times broke down several of the shootings, including the death of 16-year-old Nathan Hicks, who died from multiple gun shots. Below is a list of the majority of the shootings with links to the stories.

8:10 p.m. Friday — 1 killed, 2 wounded in Greater Grand Crossing drive-by
8:39 p.m. Friday — Man shot in South Shore
9:50 p.m. Friday — Man shot in North Lawndale
10:10 p.m. Friday — Man wounded in Roseland drive-by shooting
11 p.m. Friday — Man shot in Auburn Gresham
11:15 p.m. Friday — Two shot in Washington Park
11:40 p.m. Friday — 16-year-old girl hurt in Englewood drive-by shooting
12:10 a.m. Saturday — Two shot in Austin
1:22 a.m. Saturday — Two shot in Chicago Lawn
1:40 a.m. Saturday — Man shot to death in Englewood
2 a.m. Saturday — Man, 18, shot in West Englewood
2:33 a.m. Saturday — Person shot in Heart of Chicago
2:36 a.m. Saturday — One wounded in Woodlawn shooting
2:59 a.m. Saturday — Man shot in West Town
3 a.m. Saturday — Man shot in Chicago Lawn
3:06 a.m. Saturday — Woman shot in North Austin
3:27 a.m. Saturday — Man shot in Woodlawn
3:30 a.m. Saturday — Two men shot in East Garfield Park
4 a.m. Saturday — One wounded in Near West Side shooting
12 p.m. Saturday — Boy, 16, shot during domestic argument in Gresham
1:15 p.m. Saturday — Two wounded in Roseland shooting
5:40 p.m. Saturday — 16-year-old boy shot in East Garfield Park
7:35 p.m. Saturday — Man wounded in North Lawndale shooting
8:08 p.m. Saturday — Man fatally shot at kitchen table in Archer Heights
9:08 p.m. Saturday — 17-year-old boy shot in Lawndale
10:50 p.m. Saturday — Police: Man found shot to death in Austin
11:25 p.m. Saturday — Man wounded in North Lawndale shooting
12:15 a.m. Sunday — Man shot in Hermosa
12:40 a.m. Sunday — Woman injured in Little Village shooting
12:45 a.m. Sunday — Man shot in West Ridge
1:15 a.m. Sunday — Woman shot in Brighton Park
1:30 a.m. Sunday — Man shot in the arm in West Garfield Park
2:55 a.m. Sunday — Man wounded in Brighton Park shooting
3:15 a.m. Sunday — Man shot in West Garfield Park
3:55 a.m. Sunday — One injured in Austin shooting
5:08 a.m. Sunday — Police: Man fatally shot on Lake Shore Drive on North Side
5:30 a.m. Sunday — Man walks into hospital after Englewood shooting
8:47 a.m. Sunday — 1 killed in Park Manor shooting
12:51 p.m. Sunday — Teen shot in Austin
12:55 p.m. Sunday — Man killed, woman wounded in West Garfield Park shooting
3:21 p.m. Sunday – Man found dead in street from multiple gunshot wounds in Homan Square neighborhood

In addition to these instances, one man was stabbed on Sunday.

Chicago Police Superintendent John Escalante said that the level of violence was mainly coming from gang activity.

“It’s the new way of taunting, challenging other gangs,” Escalante said. “It’s the modern way of gang graffiti.”

However, he never recognizes that infringing on the rights of citizens to arm themselves is a good deterrent towards gang violence occurring in the first place, and is a good means for many of those who are shot actually surviving and dealing with the criminals who are seeking to murder them.

Meanwhile, Mayor Rahm “The Ballerina Godfather” Emanuel tries to blame gun dealers for Chicago’s deaths by guns.

Chicago has some of the most infringements upon the God-given rights recognized in the Declaration of Independence and the Second Amendment of any other American city. Currently, it is on track to have one of its deadliest years. It is so bad that the homicide rate for the Windy City has doubled from the same time in 2015.

Chicago’s urban areas are just a bad place, not only because of gangs, but because those who represent the people have not protected and secured their rights.


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