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Gun Sales Quadruple in Austria as Migrant Crimes Escalate

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Austria has a seen a rise in migrants coming into the country over the past couple of years, especially Muslim migrants. As a result, they have witnessed a rise in crime in their country. Now, Austria is seeing gun sales quadruple in light of the crimes committed by migrants.

In 2015, reports came out that claimed Austrians were arming themselves against Muslim invaders, and that many other Europeans were scrambling for guns as their countries were being invaded.

At that time Guns in the News reported:

According to WND, “Austrians are arming themselves at record rates in an effort to defend their households against feared attacks from Muslims.” While Austria has gun control laws in place, the laws are less restrictive than Germany, Britain, Denmark, and the Netherlands. As tens of thousands of Muslim invaders pass through Austria on their way to Germany and Sweden, long guns, rifles and shotguns, in Austrian stores are flying off the shelves. The main purchasers of these guns are women. Not only are shotguns and rifles being purchased, women are arming themselves with pepper spray.

The Local added, “The number of weapons permits issued in Vienna and Styria for pistols and revolvers has multiplied in recent months, a trend which is seen to have taken off after the terror attacks in Paris and in the wake of the increasing number of migrants and refugees entering Austria. Up until September 2015 an average of 100 weapons permits were issued a month in Vienna. Police records show that this doubled in October, and quadrupled in November to 457.”

Just this month, The Express reported on what’s been going on and referenced Jeffrey Pang, an employee of Joh Springer’s, which is Austria’s oldest gun store. Pang said the buying “surge in firearm sales coincided with reports of robberies, rapes and break-ins since the migrant crisis began.”

“Following the rise in attacks, customers want pepper sprays, combat training, small concealed carry weapons,” he added. “Our security level has diminished in the last couple months. You see the crowds. They’re shouting, they’re drinking, and there is no security anymore.”

Attorney Anna K was also interviewed about the increase in firearm purchases. She said she was “very open to the migrants” when the process began. However, she quickly realized “it was very dangerous” after only a few months.

“Ten years ago, it was no problem to go running in the park or go home by metro,” Anna said. “But not now, I don’t feel safe anymore. I never thought about having to defend myself; I did not think it was necessary. But I felt myself as a foreigner in my own country.”

Well, I am glad Anna got the point. I’m wondering when the rest of the world is going to figure out that a Muslim invasion is taking place in the West and put an end to it.

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