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There’s no way to sugarcoat it.

With Joe Biden in the White House, and Senator Chuck Schumer ruling the Senate, we are in for a very rough two-to-four years.


And the very survival of America as we know it is at stake, especially if Democrats succeed in eliminating the Senate filibuster – a procedure which effectively requires legislators to first garner 60 votes (out of 100) before they can move legislation.

In an apocalyptic environment where the filibuster has been eradicated, you can expect to see a Democrat Congress ramming through gun bans, gun owner registration and more.

And to make sure that everything they do is ruled “legal,” anti-gun Democrats have threatened to pack the U.S. Supreme Court.

You must understand: The reason that we have been so successful in defeating gun control over the past decade is because of the Senate filibuster. But now, Democrats are threatening to nix it!

This is where you come in.

It is imperative that you contact your Senators using the form above and urge them to STAND FOR THE FILIBUSTER!

It’s a tough road ahead, but we have to hold all 50 Republican senators and pick up one Democrat. Republicans should stand for the filibuster, just for their own survival against the onslaught from the Left.

But snatching a Democrat from Schumer’s clutches will be more difficult. The most likely possibility is Democrat Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, who is considered a moderate and has promised to support the filibuster.

The radical Left has already started putting pressure on him – which led GOA to start mailing into his state. We started a “put the heat on Manchin” campaign earlier this month, and so far, the results have been encouraging.

Grassroots Activism is Already Working!

Three days after we began our push in Manchin’s state, he went on Fox News (on January 11) and said that he would not back Schumer’s efforts to eliminate the filibuster. Rather, he would encourage Schumer to sit down with Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and “work in a bipartisan fashion [and] find some compromise” on whatever issue they were debating.

This is why we tell you all the time that your activism makes a huge difference. Grassroots activism matters!

But our job is not done. I need you to contact your two Senators. It doesn’t matter to which Party they belong. Republicans will be bolstered in their determination if they hear from thousands of their constituents.

And as for the Democrats? Admittedly, it will be tougher to peel away a few more from Chuckie’s clutches, but it is possible.

National media is reporting that there are other Democrat Senators who might join Manchin, because they want to preserve the filibuster for themselves when the Republicans take control of the Senate, some day in the future.

Our efforts to kill gun control will rise and fall on whether we preserve the filibuster. We are clinging by our fingernails.  But the alternative is letting go and falling off the cliff.

So again, please contact your two Senators right away using the form above and urge them to OPPOSE any changes or limitations to the filibuster.

Article by Erich Pratt 

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