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I Carry Spotlight: Gun Belts for Everyday Carry

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While it may seem to save you money, utilizing a sub-par or cheap belt for your everyday carry needs is hardly an ideal choice. Instead, a quality carry belt may run a bit more than you’re used to spending, but is well worth the investment.

What should you be looking for in an EDC gun belt? For starters, it needs to be strong enough to support serious weight, whether you’re carrying a full-size handgun, spare mags, or more. Second, it needs to be rigid enough so that it’s not flopping over on you, especially when you’re drawing the handgun from the holster. Finally, it needs to look good—after all, you’re likely wearing it in varied circumstances that include business and casual.

In this episode of I Carry, we’ll take a look at several belts: CrossBreed’s Classic Gun Belt ($59.99), the Magpul Tejas Gun Belt 2.0 “El Original” ($84.95), Galco SB2 Casual Holster Belt ($98), and the DeSantis Plain Lined Belt ($89.99). Each was worn in everyday carry situations and tested at the range with Springfield Armory’s Ronin Operator 1911 in .45 Auto and the Hellcat.

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