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Kimber Expands Micro 9 Pistol Lineup

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Article first appeared at American Rifleman.

Earlier this year Kimber expanded its micro line of pistols to include the Micro 9 carry pistol chambered in, of course, 9 mm. Now the gun maker has announced the line is expanding to include five new variants.

“Micro 9 set a new level of expected quality when we launched the platform earlier this year,” said Winslow Potter, director of product marketing. “With the addition of these new line-extensions, we’re confident that Micro 9 will better suit our customers’ specific needs and individual personalities.”

The expansion models include: the Micro 9 CDP (MSRP: $924), Micro 9 CDP (LG) (MSRP: $1,142), Micro 9 Stainless Raptor (MSRP: $889), Micro 9 Bel Air (MSRP: $864), and Micro 9 Sapphire (MSRP: $1,061). These models will be available from Kimber Master Dealers in the coming weeks.

Find out more at kimberamerica.com

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