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Kimber Launches Retroactive Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Kimber has an enviable reputation among enthusiasts for producing products of premium quality and trusted reliability, but a new limited lifetime warranty announced last week heightens that loyalty to its customers. The coverage is available for all new Kimber firearm owners, as well as customers who previously purchased any Kimber firearms.

Original Kimber owners can go online to the Kimber website and register their firearm under this new Lifetime warranty for free, provided they produce a copy of the original purchase receipt. Enthusiasts who bought and still have older firearms manufactured by the company have until Dec. 31, 2023, to complete the website form, found at kimberamerica.com.

“Kimber recognizes that the driving force to our continued success is our loyal owners; this loyalty relies entirely on the community Kimber has built over decades with its devoted customers, and this warranty helps support that,” said Mountie Mizer, Kimber vice president of sales.

Previously all Kimber firearms carried a one-year warranty against defects in workmanship from the manufacturer. The new warrantee is the most comprehensive in the company’s storied 30-year history and delivers on the Kimber promise of creating a gunsmith-quality firearm at an affordable price. Residents of California and Virginia do not need to register their firearms to be eligible, but must still provide proof of original ownership.

Kimber has also activated a consumer-friendly return portal on its website that allows the quick and easy return of any Kimber firearm for repair, upgrade or customization directly from the Kimber factory.

“Our customer satisfaction is absolutely paramount and being able to seamlessly deliver a return authorization for repairs and upgrades is part of making sure our customers know they come first,” said Ron Dudzic, Kimber senior director of product development and customer service.

Article by GUY J. SAGI



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