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Liberal Hoax: God versus Guns

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Universal Truth #1: Those who claim moral superiority usually aren’t either moral or superior.

Universal Truth #2: Ban rulers as weapons used by nuns.

“Research safer guns and gun products,” reads a resolution (08-22-18) proposed by the Intercommunity Peace & Justice CenterNorthwest Coalition for Responsible Investment. This coalition of 11 Catholic liberal groups bought stock to persuade a gun manufacturer to “do everything in their power to promote gun safety.”

“[The coalition] is trying to implement its politically-motivated, anti-firearms agenda by misusing the proxy machinery,” responded (08-22-18) the American Outdoor Brands Corporation, on behalf of its subsidiary, Smith&Wesson. “This agenda is not aligned with the interests of our stockholders or those of our customers and will not advance any legitimate safety, governance, or risk-mitigation purpose.”

In its Reminder to shareholders, the “Board recommends that you vote … AGAINST the [coalition] proposal [#4]” in the “proxy material” for the “2018 American Outdoor Brands Corporation Annual meeting which is scheduled to be held on September 25, 2018.”

The Coalition’s Proposed Resolution

“RESOLVED: Shareholders request the Board of Directors issue a report by February 8, 2019, at reasonable expense and excluding proprietary information, on the company’s activities related to gun safety measures and the mitigation of harm associated with gun products, including the following:

* Evidence of monitoring of violent events associated with products produced by the company.

* Efforts underway to research and produce safer guns and gun products.

* Assessment of the corporate reputational and financial risks related to gun violence in the U.S.”

“AOBC has a responsibility to mitigate potential impacts through improved monitoring of its distribution and retail sales channels and enhanced reporting on research and development efforts to improve the safety features of its consumer products. The resolution does not request that AOBC produce smart guns or other specific products; nor does it call for the company to endorse a gun control regulatory or policy agenda. The resolution does, however, ask for reporting because existing disclosures of current risk mitigation measures are seen as insufficient for investors to assess their effectiveness.” See resolution (08-22-18).

The Company’s Response

“[E]ven if such report was feasible, which it is not, it will do absolutely nothing to make our community safer,” said P. James Debney, President, CEO and Director during AOBC Earnings Call (08-30-18; posted 08-31-18).

“We find it curious that the [coalition’s] proposal overlooks our long-standing call for and involvement in actions that truly have meaningful impact, such as greater vigilance in enforcing the laws and criminal penalties on the books and the need to meaningfully address the role that mental illness plays in senseless violence. We outline many of these initiatives, such as FixNICSProject ChildSafe and suicide prevention in the annual report you received recently.”

The [Coalition’s] “efforts appear to be more about their anti-gun agenda versus addressing the problem they claim to be concerned about. The [Coalition] is part of a special interest group with an anti-firearms agenda, and they are misusing the proxy process to advance of [sic] their own political agenda and anti-firearms narrative at the expense of our company, our employees and our stockholders. Unlike a bonafide investor, this [Coalition] purchased just 200 shares, the bare minimum needed under SEC rules to place an item on the proxy, with the sole objective to push an anti-firearms agenda designed to harm our company, disrupt the lawful sale of our products and destroy stockholder value. This [Coalition] will gladly sacrifice its investment and yours to achieve its political objective.”

Its “Nun” of your business

The above appears to be a basis for a possible claim of tortious interference with a business relationship. “Oh, they’re just a group of ignorant nuns” is not a defense.

The Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center reported revenue of $521,643 in its 2016-2017 Annual Report and Appeal. The Center reported a “Total Support” of $2,034,376 for years 2012-16. See 2016 Return of Organization Exempt from Tax (Form 990), Part II, Support Schedule, Section B, Total Support, line 11 (pg. 16 of PDF). Also, see 2015 Return, and 2014 Return.

Useful idiots

Many liberal policies, including the hoax of Islamophobia, are promoted by the Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center. “Understanding Islam” is the topic of the Center’s A Matter of Spirit (No. 117; Fall, 2017). What Would Muhammad Do for Social Justice? The publication had articles and photos provided by CAIR-WA and the Muslim Public Affairs Council. Instead, you should examine Islamic subjugation of womenfemale genital mutilation, and honor killings.

Supporters of the Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center should educate themselves: Read the Muslim Brotherhood (HAMAS-CAIR)’s Strategic Memorandum to designate Islam as the official religion and impose Sharia law in the United States. (Clarion ProjectGeller Report)

See the Muslim Brotherhood’s Memorandum for “A list of our organizations and the organizations of our friends.” [p. 18] “This is where the Muslim Brotherhood listed its front groups in the U.S.  Note that prominent organizations like CAIR, ISNA, ICNA and others are named here,” reports the Clarion Project.

CAIR was named a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates in 2014. (Fox News)


What is the common premise of HAMAS-CAIR infiltrating the U.S. government; and a gun control activist group infiltrating a gun manufacturer?

Consider the Muslim Brotherhood’s Memorandum“The process of settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’ with all the word means. The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers.” [p. 7]

Contrast: The gun-control activists must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand conquest in eliminating and destroying the gun manufacturers from within and “sabotaging” its miserable industry by their hands and the hands of the gun-control activists.

Sorry, Islamists and gun-control activists: Not on my watch: The U.S. Constitution protects my right of free expression, and my right of self-defense. Pardon me while I draw a cartoon, and then practice at the gun range.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller. Article by Gerald Lostutter.

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