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Louisiana Governor Vetoes Constitutional Carry

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Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) vetoed the recently passed constitutional-carry legislation late last week.

S.B. 118, the bill Edwards vetoed, “removes the requirement for law-abiding individuals to obtain a concealed handgun permit before being allowed to carry concealed, a handgun for self-defense. This important legislation ensures that citizens are able to exercise their right to self-defense without government red tape or delays,” reported the NRA Institute for Legislative Action.

Edwards said in his veto that he believes the “majority of Louisianans agree with [him].” As such, Second Amendment-supporting Louisianans need to call or email their state legislators and ask them to support a veto session and a vote to override Edwards’ veto of this pro-freedom piece of legislation.

If Louisiana legislators choose to override Edwards’ veto, then the state will become the 22nd in the nation to allow for some form of constitutional carry. Just this past year, five states—Iowa, Montana, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah—passed some type of permitless-carry legislation.

As America’s 1st Freedom previously reported, constitutional carry is spreading across the US, and it is doing so rapidly. The spread of constitutional carry has clearly shown that American freedom isn’t a problem that needs to be solved. Finding the will and means to better enforce laws targeting criminal behavior, not the freedom of law-abiding citizens, is what’s clearly needed.

Hopefully, Louisiana legislators will recognize this great freedom and override this nonsensical veto.

Article by Garrett O’Leary

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