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Louisiana House Passes Constitutional Carry

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Last week, the House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee held their “Gun Day,” where multiple pro-gun bills passed out of committee and the lone anti-gun measure was involuntarily deferred. Your active participation was crucial to protecting and upholding our fundamental right to bear arms. Thank you for taking immediate action, voicing your support for pro-gun bills, and expressing concern about the anti-gun legislation.

Pro-Gun Bills:

HB 131, the constitutional carry bill, recognizes the inherent right of law-abiding adults to carry firearms for self-defense, and has made significant progress. HB 131 was passed out of the House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee last week and passed the House today.  The bill was referred to the Senate for consideration.

HB 234 reduces concealed handgun permit fees. It seeks to alleviate the financial burden on law-abiding citizens by reducing the fees associated with concealed handgun permits. Although this bill was deferred in the House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee on 5/16, there is still an opportunity to advance it further. HB 234 is now scheduled for a hearing in the Committee on Wednesday, 5/24.

Anti-Gun Bill:

HB 175 prohibits firearms in hospitals, mental health facilities, community health centers, and related facilities. This bill was involuntarily deferred in the House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee on 5/16, effectively putting an end to its progress.

Thank you for your support and dedication to defending our rights. Louisiana’s 2023 Legislative Session is scheduled to adjourn in a few weeks, on June 8. Stay tuned to www.NRAILA.org and your email inbox for updates regarding Second Amendment and hunting-related legislation. 

Article by NRA-ILA

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