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Mandatory Safety Recall of All FN M249S Rifles

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FN America has announced a mandatory recall of all FN M249S semi-automatic belt-fed rifles sold before Jan. 1, 2022. The company has identified an issue from a component in the fire-control group in the rifles that, under certain circumstances, can result in a reset failure within the hammer group and cause an unsafe firing event. Therefore, the slide hammer must be replaced by FN to ensure normal operation. The specific components in FN M249S rifles sold prior to this year will be replaced at no expense to the owner.

Owners of the affected firearms should discontinue their use immediately and return the gun to FN directly for installation of new components. The recall is for all models of the FN M249S sold before Jan. 1 and include Standard, Para and Limited Editions, whether in black and flat dark earth. Product numbers are 56460, 56501, 56509, 56502, 56435, 46-100030 and 46-100028.

Owners are asked to visit the company’s recall web page for full details and to enter their serial number to receive detailed instructions on returning their gun for service. An FAQ found there answers a variety of questions, and explains new models purchased this year are not included in the mandatory safety recall. “FN M249S sold AFTER January 1, 2022, have been made to the new design and are not affected by this recall,” it explains. “All other FN M249S are affected by the recall until they have been returned to FN and corrective actions have been made.”

Do not ship any affected guns to FN until a shipping label has been generated by FN and sent to you. In the interim, FN asks that customers not operate their FN M249S until FN has made the necessary repairs to your rifle and to return the firearms as soon as possible for the safety modification.

The company’s press release explained, “FN is deeply committed to providing customers with the safest, most reliable firearms possible… Patience and cooperation are appreciated as we receive, inspect and service these firearms for a direct return to you. We will make every effort to return the rifles within 30 days of receipt at FN.”

For questions about the recall or assistance in returning a firearm, contact the FN M249S Recall Support team at (800) 635-1321, Ext. 145, or you can e-mail [email protected].

Article by GUY J. SAGI

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