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New For 2020: Shadow Systems CR920 Subcompact

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Shadow Systems is a Plano, Texas, based manufacturer best known for its polymer-framed, striker-fired handguns and components. For 2022, the company announced the release of a new line of polymer-framed pistols, but this time in a subcompact size. The CR920, with the “CR” designation standing for “Covert Role,” is a subcompact handgun designed to include some of the benefits and handling qualities much like its full-size DR920 handgun line.

However, unlike the full-size option, the CR920 is slimmed down to be the smallest option in the Shadow Systems lineup, ideal for concealed carry use. Chambered in 9 mm, it has a match-grade, spiral-fluted 3.41″ barrel, offered in black nitride or Shadow Systems’ custom bronze. The steel slide is machined with aggressive slide serrations cut into the front and rear of the slide, with Elite models including extra serrations on the top section just behind the front sight post.

On top of the slide, the CR920 comes with steel tritium sights dovetailed in. Combat Optic and Elite models also feature a patented multi-footprint optic cut slide, which can accept most brands of micro red-dot optics. The patented mounting point also allows optics to be mounted directly to the slide without he need of an underlaying mount or boss.

The polymer frame of the CR920 has aggressive texturing on the slides, front and rear of the grip, as well as on the side of the frame for the supporting finger. The trigger guard is also undercut and the dust cover incudes a single Picatinny rail segment for light attachments. Controls are laid out similar to Glock Gen 4 line of 9 mm handguns, with a reversible magazine release and left-sided slide catch.

The drop-safe trigger is single stage, with a 4.5 to 5 lbs. pull weight. Two magazines come with the CR920, a flush fitting 10-rounder and an extended 13 round option. Unloaded, it weighs in at just 17.8 ozs. The Shadow Systems CR920 will be offered in Combat, Combat Optic and Elite models, with suggested retail pricing starting at $679.

For more information on the new subcompact CR920 line and Shadow Systems’ other handgun lines, visit shadowsystemscorp.com.


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