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Maryland: General Assembly Overrides Veto of Oppressive Dealer Requirements

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On Friday, Governor Larry Hogan vetoed House Bill 1021, to impose unreasonable burdens on gun stores and drive them out of business. On Saturday, the General Assembly voted to override the veto, showing their continued determination to punish gun stores and law-abiding gun owners for the actions of criminals, rather than holding the criminals accountable. It will go into effect on October 1st, 2022.

House Bill 1021 requires all licensed firearm dealers to have video surveillance and burglary alarm systems covering the premises and bars, security screens, commercial grade metal doors, grates, or other approved barriers on all doors and windows. If practicable, they are to have physical barriers to prevent ramming by vehicles. It also requires dealers to lock away all firearms outside of business hours in vaults, safes, or rooms with all the security features above.

This places expensive requirements on Maryland’s licensed firearm dealers, most of whom are small businesses, during a time when they suffer from inventory shortages and inflation. Many dealers will close down and new entrepreneurs will be unable to afford to enter the industry. Those who do remain will have to pass these costs onto law-abiding gun owners. Either outcome will make it more expensive and difficult for Marylanders to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

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