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Maryland Deputy Attorney General Busted on Video: “We Should Ban Guns Altogether, Period”

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Maryland, the now ironically named “Free State,” has been through eight years under Communist Martin O’Malley’s governorship.  Now, it appears that the state’s Deputy Attorney General, Thiruvendran Vignarjah was busted by Project Veritas as he attended a national conference of state attorneys general in New York City and said that he was for a total ban of guns altogether.

Notice the disdain for the Constitution, the law and the God-given rights of the people he is supposed to serve in his comments when he was asked what kinds of illegal gun controls he would seek to impose:

“My complete answer, off the record, is that we should ban guns altogether, period.”

“If you want to go practice with a gun, you can go to the gun range, pick up your gun at the gun range, fire it there, and then you leave it there and you go home,” Vignarajah said.

He then explained that he might allow individuals to keep a gun in the home, which would be subject to an “extensive licensing scheme,” taxation, mandatory insurance, and “fingerprint trigger locks.”

Allow?  What if we took Mr. Vignarajah’s armed protection from him?  What if the people of Maryland decided that police and other state agencies must also fall under the “shoot at the range, leave your gun at the range” philosophy?  I’ll be Mr. Vignarajah would have a fit about that. I’ll bet his little “ban guns altogether” wouldn’t apply there, would it?  Nope, because he is a hypocrite and a tyrannical one at that.  Government doesn’t give rights to men, God does!

What good does it to do train with a gun at a range just to leave it at the range?  Training usually means that you are preparing to use that training.  Vignarajah was touted last year as best in 2014 and the lawyer to watch out for in 2015, implying he was smart and intelligent, but his comments are only demonstrating he is either an ignorant man or a devil.

It seems that Maryland has been infected with this disease of people who want to quash the rights of their people.  Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh has pushed for more infringements upon gun owners’ rights since the 1980s.

Not only was Frosh “O’Malley’s key ally in the Senate” previously, but he was also supported and praised by billionaire nanny Michael Bloomberg.

“No one has done more in Maryland than Brian Frosh to lead the fight against illegal guns and protect citizens from incidents of gun violence,” Bloomberg told the Baltimore Sun.

Of course, there are those who serve the people in Maryland like Delegate Mike Smigiel, who take their oath of office seriously and stand up for the rights of gun owners.

I have no idea why the people of Maryland put up with Marxist thinking people like O’Malley, Frosh and Vignarjah, but they do.  And they are losing their rights daily because they tolerate these lawless men.  It’s time to stand up Maryland and remove the tyrants in your midst!


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