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Mental Health & Gun Control: Two Arguments Leading To The Same Conclusion.

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“By psychopolitics, our chief goals are effectively carried forward. To produce the maximum amount of chaos in the culture of our enemy is our first and most important step. Our Fruits are grown in chaos, distrust, economic depression, and scientific turmoil. At last, a weary populace can seek peace only in our offered communist state. At last, only communism can resolve the problems of the masses.” 

People familiar with my writing know I have spent a lot of time discussing propaganda and persuasion, and the idea that people can be brought to accept things they would otherwise reject. Everything reported in the media is done to mold the minds of the masses and keep the discussion framed within certain limitations, so that opinions can be controlled, and the debate can be guided. We are seeing this occur right now as the left, in their usual fashion, pushes gun control, and the right, focuses on the mental health angle. No matter which argument gains the most favor from the public, an agenda of control over the population is advanced. You can’t look at the issue of school shootings from a logical perspective. Arguing about the motive of a transgender shooter, who for all practical purposes, appears to have targeted a Christian school, advances the agenda as much as if it was a man in a MAGA hat. Why? Because it creates an enemy where one doesn’t really exist. Arguing about the mental health of the shooter is also pointless. Why? Because we are discussing the mental state of a person attached to an ideology that was purposefully pushed on our children. Never before the Obama years did Americans ever conceive of the possibility of men, identifying as women, (or vice versa) being able to use women’s restrooms and locker rooms while dominating women’s sports. It is in a word, insane. But that’s the point. The agenda is to create chaos and confusion to the point where no one knows where to stand anymore, and people are manipulated, whether they realize it or not, to make arguments that inevitably will lead to the left’s final destination.

First, when discussing mental health and guns, most people know nothing about the gun purchasing process. It is illegal for a person with severe mental problems to purchase a firearm if they have been adjudicated mentally defective. Adjudication means they have gone through legal due process and if they are deemed mentally incompetent, they are supposed to be placed in the NICS system. There are legitimate arguments to be made that this in and of itself, is unconstitutional. Anyone paying close attention to these shootings can say that they all contain elements that seem to push the Red-Flag-Law narrative. For instance, how many times have we heard that at some point before committing the act, these shooters either tried to reach out for help or were known by law enforcement to be a danger? This is an example of propaganda being used to form opinions and frame the argument. They want the public to see failures in the system so that they make the argument the left wants them to make. When the right focuses their arguments on mental health, they are doing two things. One, by suggesting that mental health needs to be the focus they are discussing something that objectively, can’t be defined. Mental health diagnoses are very subjective, and according to Psychology Today, are not based on the identification of a biological anomaly that exists in the brain, but a set of behaviors that are misunderstood. Children are being given mental health surveys in school, for example, and then being prescribed medications because the survey says they are depressed. This is not an objective form of measurement.

“The data suggest that mental illness is caused by a combination of heredity and environment, the latter involving multiple factors—including drug use and abuse—that act in a complex interplay with one another and with our genes. But it remains exceedingly hard to pinpoint the biological and chemical processes for mental illness, in part because these disorders are diagnosed through observations of behaviors rather than through more precise tests. Unlike cancer and heart disease, mental illness has no objective measures—no biological markers that we can see on imaging scans or determine through laboratory tests—to tell us who is affected and who is not. In the aggregate, groups of people who suffer from mental illness may show differences in their brain structures or functions, but for now, individual patients cannot be diagnosed using conventional measures such as blood tests, CT scans, or MRIs.” (Psychology Today)

To put this into simpler terms, people understand the term “mental” as a process of thinking, a state of being which may define how you view the world or how you feel, but what is mental objectively? How does an illness exist in a thinking process? It doesn’t. This doesn’t mean there aren’t brain diseases that affect people’s lives but these are identifiable, biological anomalies that can be detected through standard medical tests. Mental health issues cannot. Thomas Szasz, the author of The Myth of Mental Illness, states that the term mental illness attempts to describe a disease of the mind or mental state of being. Biological disease cannot exist in this manner; therefore, mental illness is being used to describe what is viewed as personality defects, or even problems of living. Defining mental illness comes down to who has the power to define what a correct personality is. By arguing the mental health angle in the case of a transgender shooter, the right is falling into the trap of advancing the gun control narrative because the trans ideology isn’t any different from any other that could potentially lead people to commit violence. From the left’s perspective, of course. According to an article entitled Political Conservatism as Motivated Social Cognition, conservatives are mentally ill because we are resistant to change, oppose equality and favor repressive systems which discriminate against others. What does opposing equality mean in terms of left-wing thinking? It means we hate everyone who isn’t like us. Look at how quickly the tables were turned in the recent school shooting. It wasn’t the individual’s fault, it was American society’s fault for oppressing the LGBTQ movement, and it was her parent’s fault because they didn’t accept her for who she was.

By arguing the mental health angle conservatives are empowering the left to advance the gun control agenda because mental health is, the gun control agenda. Years ago I wrote an article entitled Destroying God in the Minds of Men. Those familiar with Marxism know that this was one of the key goals outlined in the Communist Manifesto. Anyway, in my article, I discussed a study that was conducted using something called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, which targets the posterior medial frontal cortex of the brain.  This is a technique traditionally used to treat depression by changing the beliefs and perceptions of the person in question. In this particular study, it was found that a person’s belief in God could be diminished through this technique. The point that I am making is that science has advanced to the point where things that were once considered conspiratorial and too crazy to even consider, are now real possibilities. The transgender movement sprung out of nowhere. It was something pushed on our children in school and through popular media. Who’s to say that some techniques similar to TMS weren’t employed? Let’s look at MK Ultra, for example. While many considered it a whacked-out conspiracy theory, there is evidence that at the very least, studies were conducted on hypnosis, the implanting of false memories, and the creation of dissociative disorders through the use of LSD, sensory deprivation, and most likely, torture. This comes from a journal article entitled Ethics of CIA and Military Contracting by Psychiatrists and Psychologists. The point that I am making is that people identifying as transgender have had their minds messed with. It is entirely possible that they are brainwashed subjects of some experiment meant to do little more than destroy the foundations of society as we know it. They are portraying transgenderism as something normal and healthy. Just another ideology. By jumping on the emotional bandwagon, and focusing on mental health in the hopes that it will detract from the gun control narrative, the left is being empowered to use the mental health label on any ideology that could potentially lead to violent behavior. If conservatives are arguing for restricting the gun rights of the mentally ill, or transgender people because they are potentially ill, then they are inevitably calling for gun control against themselves because the scientific literature claims our ideology is a mental illness as well.

“Make the enemy live up to their own book of Rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules that the Christian Church can live up to Christianity.”(Alinsky, Rules for Radicals) 

There is another aspect of the gun control agenda in plain sight with the latest shooting. Just as the case with any other issue, it is guiding the thinking of conservatives to the inevitable reality of the communist boot being stomped on our necks once and for all. The shooter targeted a Christian school and allegedly, there is a manifesto that possibly describes her hatred for Christianity. The transgender movement had planned a “day of resistance protest,” portraying themselves as the victims despite the fact that conservatives don’t commit mass shootings against transgenders. On top of all this, there are TIKTOK posts emerging that depict transgender individuals holding AR-15s and proclaiming their right to defend themselves against, wait for it now, the Christian tyranny being imposed on them. Right on cue, people on the right are making their own videos in response, daring these people to go ahead and start their little war while bragging that it will be over before it even starts. Two things on this. One, these people, as mentioned earlier, are victims of massive behavioral manipulation. Two, the left is mocking us because they literally have some conservatives suggesting these people shouldn’t have guns. Don’t you see it yet? They are using our own positions and making us look like hypocrites. What is our argument concerning the second amendment? It exists to protect us from government tyranny. This is the argument being used by the left to justify the latest shooting. The oppressed transgender committed the shooting because no one accepted her and she is being denied her rights to live her life how she sees fit. This is all being deliberately orchestrated to guide the thoughts, opinions, and perceptions of the masses to the inevitable conclusion of a one-world government. If people are committing mass shootings because they believe they are oppressed, and our argument for defending the second amendment is that it protects us from tyranny, then theoretically we are just as capable of committing this type of violence as this transgender person was. Gun control then becomes the inevitable solution as we are all potential madmen.

To read more on the second amendment and Mental Health see my article The Subjective Nature of Mental Illness as a Form of Gun Control.

Article posted with permission from David Risselada

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