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Michigan: Governor’s New Budget Includes $2.6 Million for Red-Flag Laws

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Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced her recommendations for the upcoming budget, which included the use of taxpayer funds for Michigan’s new red-flag law and other gun-control measures. The governor recommended $2.6 million for the implementation of the state’s new red-flag law and an additional $1.8 million in grants for community-based organizations that provide training and programming related to implementing it. The state budget will be up for a vote on the House Floor any day during the next two weeks. Please contact your State Representative and urge them to OPPOSE the funding of red flag laws in the proposed budget by using the Take Action button below. 

Governor Whitmer’s proposed budget uses taxpayer dollars to fund a new red flag law that empowers the state to seize firearms from individuals who are reported to be a threat to themselves or others without due process. The new law utilizes constitutionally dubious orders, based solely on third-party accusations, to deprive individuals of their 2nd Amendment rights. Let your Representative in Lansing know you OPPOSE the use of tax dollars to deprive citizens of their constitutional right.

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