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Military Online Magazine Advocates Gun Confiscation

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Military-dot-com is often confused with a REAL military periodical, the Military Times. The foreign-owned fake military website belongs to Randstad NV, a Dutch multinational firm headquartered in Diemen, Netherlands. Imagine that, foreign interference!

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Considering the anti-gun politics of the Netherlands, the following headline appearing in today’s addition shouldn’t be a shock: “Troops and Military Families Call for Change After El Paso, Dayton Shootings.” The author of this piece is Gina Harkins. Of course, her respondents demanded everything from an assault weapons ban to smaller magazines.

It’s clear this writer did not even attempt to conduct a real survey regarding military member’s attitudes toward specific gun control proposals. She took her pitiful sample of six and projected their bias onto over two million military members and their adult family dependents. That is a scientific method that would make Al Gore smile!

I think we should help this writer out, beginning by defining assault rifle. The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) have a simple criteria: a rifle with a detachable magazine capable of firing both semiautomatic (one round per trigger pull) and automatic (one trigger pull can empty the magazine).

Now that the experts have spoken and Ms. Harkins knows what an assault rifle actually is; let’s get into how many are out there. According to the BATF records, there are roughly 638,000 of these machine guns in circulation.  So, now we know what it is and how many are out there (over half-a-million), and not one of them has been used in a crime. REAL military assault weapons…no crime. Imagine that!

Setting an example for our fledgling writer, we should expand our research (are you following this Ms. Harkins?). According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) close to twenty million “modern shooting sports rifles” (you gun-grabbers call them assault rifles) have been manufactured or imported since 2012. Twenty-million! Wow, we would expect them to be used in a lot of murders. I mean they are kind of “like” an assault weapon.

Let’s drag the curtain back and see what the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) data has to tell us for the years 2007-2016. By the way, Ms. Hakens, these are called “facts.”

It sure looks lop-sided, with handguns (blue line) representing the vast majority of weapons used in murders. Just to help out the “bad rifle” narrative, the FBI included rifles, shotguns, and other guns in one category (purple line) and it was still minuscule compared to handguns.

If a large number of military members and their families were worried enough about getting killed they contacted Ms. Harkins, wouldn’t you think they would be more concerned with handguns? The odds are much greater.

The thing is we all know that active-duty military, including adult family members, and veterans make up one of the largest segments of gun owners in this country. A significant number also own the rifles Ms. Harkin would like to take away.

Just remember, Military-dot-com has nothing to do with America or our military.

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Article posted with permission from Dean Garrison.  Article by David Brockett.

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