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National Media Blows Black Friday Gun Sales, Too

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Article first appeared at Shooting Illustrated.

We told you last week about how many in the so-called “mainstream” media seemed to be putting forth a coordinated effort to turn gun owners against President-elect Donald Trump.

USA Today posted a story last Wednesday with the headline, “Trump’s Win May Blast Gun Sales Record On Black Friday.” A headline on msn.com read, “Trump’s Pro-Second Amendment Platform Could End Gun Sales Boom.” And over at Truenews.com, the headline read, “Trump Victory: Bitter Sweet For Gun Shops.”

These “reporters,” looking for any victory after the big election loss, were evidently hopeful that gun sales would drop after Hillary Clinton’s defeat at the hands of NRA members and other gun owners. And they were hopeful that those in the firearm business, along with gun owners, could be turned against their chosen candidate because of the falling sales.

But just like with their predictions before the election, once again they were wrong.

Last week, the FBI released the data on the number of NICS checks conducted on Nov. 25. And as it turned out, the number of Black Friday background checks conducted this year totaled 185,713—surpassing 2015’s record-breaking total by almost 400.The serious thumping they took on election night, proving their growing irrelevance, certainly doesn’t seem to have changed anything so far.

In other words, despite the Grinch-like predictions from the “mainstream” media, more guns were sold on Black Friday 2016 than on any previous Black Friday on record. And while data for the entire month of November won’t be available until tomorrow, it’s looking like the penultimate month of 2016 could set a record all its own.

Will the media get the hint, stop their anti-gun activism and turn toward a fairer treatment of issues involving the Second Amendment? That’s not likely. The serious thumping they took on election night, proving their growing irrelevance, certainly doesn’t seem to have changed anything so far.

Here are the hints the media should be getting, but likely wont:

  • Gun owners won the election, but that doesn’t mean we’re letting down now. It’s our time to shine, and our time to turn the tide for Second Amendment freedom for generations to come.


  • NRA members’ support for the Second Amendment isn’t an election-year thing. It’s a full-time thing—and members are rededicating themselves to supporting the new president and the Second Amendment.


  • The only thing stronger than the media’s disdain for law-abiding gun owners is the disdain of law-abiding gun owners for the so-called “mainstream” media. And we’re not going to sit idly by and watch them lie and twist the facts about us without calling them out on it.

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