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Neo-Nazi Maniac Who Planned To Shoot Up Synagogue Was Given His Guns By Law Enforcement

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Former U.S. Marine Matthew Belanger is a maniacal psychopath who reportedly belonged to a Neo-Nazi group called “Rapekrieg” which planned to carry out a mass shooting on a Synagogue. Kicked out of the Marine Corps over his affiliation with Neo-Nazis, Belanger was barred from purchasing firearms but that didn’t stop him from obtaining two of them.

Fortunately, Belanger was outed by a fellow member of the “Rapekrieg” group before he was able to commit mass murder. However, the details surrounding his case lay the groundwork for wild conspiracy theories — especially since it was a New York police officer who supplied Belanger with the guns to carry out the shooting.

An explosive article in Rolling Stone lays out Belanger’s story in shocking detail, up to and including the mission of the Rapekrieg Neo-Nazi group in which Belanger was a member and author of the group’s manifesto.

According to court documents, reported on by Rolling Stone, while he was in the Marine Corps, Belanger was plotting a killing spree against minorities and to rape “white women to increase the production of white children,” according to federal prosecutors.

In a July 14 court memo, federal prosecutors say that while a Marine, Belanger plotted far more serious crimes as part of the neo-Nazi group. The memo says Belanger trained with airsoft guns in the woods of Long Island as part of a plot to attack the “Zionist Order of Governments.” The memo also says Belanger was the subject of an FBI Joint Terrorism Taskforce investigation into allegedly plotting to “engage in widespread homicide and sexual assault.” Much of Belanger’s ideology and plotting, the memo says, is based around a desire to lessen the number of nonwhite Americans and to rape “white women to increase the production of white children.”

One would think that pursuing the mission of raping white women and murdering minorities would set off red flags for law enforcement and one would be right. Belanger was well known to law enforcement, according to court documents, but that didn’t stop law enforcement from illegally arming the racist Marine.

According to the report, in October 2020, Marine Corps officials and the FBI searched Belanger’s Marine Corps barracks housing and his electronic devices. They found “1,950 images, videos and documents related to white power groups, Nazi literature, brutality towards the Jewish community, brutality towards women, rape, mass murderers,” along with “violent uncensored executions and/or rape” and “previous mass murderers such as Dylan Roof.”

Given these revelations and Belanger’s desire to carry out mass harm, the last thing a police officer should do, is arm him. But that is exactly what happened. According to the court documents, an officer with the NYPD purchased two firearms for Belanger — who was barred from purchasing his own weapons.

Adding to the already-suspect nature of this situation, authorities have given the New York officer anonymity and no mention of charges have been made in the documents. The officer is alleged to have illegally purchased two firearms, one of which was a PTR .308 and the other, a Luger pistol. Belanger specifically sought the Luger because of its association with the Nazis.

The unnamed officer willingly obliged Belanger, according to text transcripts in the court documents.

“I think I wanna buy this,” he texted.

“Better you than me,” the officer replied.

Exactly why an officer with the NYPD thought it was a good idea to supply weapons to a man who openly advocated for raping white women and murdering minorities is unclear.

According to authorities, the Rapekrieg group planned the attack on a Synagogue using social media. Originally, Belanger planned to attack the synagogue by “shooting it up” but the plan was later changed to arson. The group reportedly surveilled the synagogue and planned out their attack. Luckily, a member of the group came forward before they carried it out and Belanger was arrested.

Though he was planning this attack, Belanger has not been charged with crimes related to his alleged membership in Rapekrieg. He is only facing charges for the weapons and could be let out of prison and placed on house arrest.

Despite the fact that prosecutors say he could “pose a danger to the community” and strongly recommended against releasing him from custody, a judge has yet to rule on the matter and his attorney is arguing for his immediate release.

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist


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