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New: Fix It Sticks Hardcase Rifle And Optics Toolkit

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Fix It Sticks now offers its Rifle and Optics kit with a premium Nanuk 225 hard case and customized, form fitted foam interior. The Hardcase Rifle and Optics Toolkit combines Fix It Sticks torque limiters in the most needed torque values, or is available with the All-In-One torque driver.

The Hardcase Rifle and Optics toolkit has useful tools for properly torquing rifle actions, optics mounts, scope rings, sights and other accessories. Either version of the kit comes with the T-Way T-Handle wrench for versatility and convenience. Additionally, the Nanuk 225 hard case will protect the tools and components from the elements, being water-resistant and dustproof.


Like all kits from Fix It Sticks, the backbone of the system is the company’s T-Way T-Handle wrench and torque limiters. The Fix It Sticks T-Way handle wrenches work with any ¼-inch hex bit in the main drive end and each T-handle end for extra leverage or reach. Both the individual torque limiters and the All-In-One torque driver accept any ¼-inch hex bit, and is compatible with any ¼-inch hex driver.

Depending on the version, each kit includes the Fix It Sticks All-In-One torque driver (15 to 65 inch-pounds) or four individual torque limiters (15, 25, 45 and 65 inch-pounds), plus a T-Way T-Handle wrench, 18 different bits, ½-inch socket with ¼-inch adapter and the Nanuk 225 waterproof and dustproof case.

The Fix It Sticks Hardcase Rifle and Optics kit is available now and has an MSRP of $234 ($166 for the All-In-One individual torque driver version). Go to store.fixitsticks.com.

Article by SSUSA STAFF


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